Stanley Mareka: ‘Knowledge Is Important For Dancers’

Namibian King Of Dance Has Spoken

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Veteran dancer and Channel O Dance Africa Champion Stanley Mareka has encouraged local dancers to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge about dancing in order to become successful in the dancing industry.

Stanley who graduated recently from TanzAkademie Balance1 and founding president of Dance Sport Namibia highlighted the importance of understanding the business side of being a dancer saying that upcoming dancers do not understand the art.

“I think people just dance for the sake of dancing or for fun and not think about how important dancing is like any other skill. Success is not defined by just dancing but about research and development collaboration. One need to understand why and what you are dancing for,” he explained.

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He further added that in order for him to inject other countries dancing principals he had to go study In Germany to be able to change the current dancing system in Namibia.

“The reason why I went to study is because I wanted to understand what dancing is all about and how to reshuffle new soil for my fellow dancers,” he noted.

Apart from being an international winner, Stanley Mareka has left a lot of footprints in the industry through working with Namibia’s biggest cats such as Gazza, Oteya, Sally and many others.

“I have been choreographing for almost 17 years now and I have studied and observed the industry. It’s like a pizza and everyone wants to get a slice from it but without knowledge and a business orientated mind one would really struggle to earn something out of it. There is a lot of black market behind doors and manipulations taking place” he stressed.

With the objective to make sure that Namibian dancers are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, he mentioned that he will be hosting a meeting on the 20th of April 2019 which will focus on enhancing and development for artists through programming.

When asked whether Namibian dancers are fairly recognized, he said “Yes but we just need to work together and make people realize that we as dancers also deserve to get a reasonable numeration and not only offer us peanuts.”

He further advised upcoming dancers to not accept nonpaying gigs saying that, “no one will ever see your worth if you don’t see it yourself. When you accept to feature in a music video or any sort of advert for free, that is when people start taking advantage and continue recommending you to other people as someone who will not charge much.”

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