Somizi’s Teaser For His Latest Project Has Everyone Excited

The Hype Is Real

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Somizi has been using Instagram to promote an exciting new project. Not entirely revealing the details of the project, he sure has created a hype around it by teasing us with small clips on his social media page.

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He has been counting down the days for this new project’s release and there are only two days to go! He posted two videos about the same, dropping hints that something big is coming our way and his recent post gives us a little hint as to what it is.

The first video is him lip-syncing to a song with the caption ‘Something due anyday. Somethings coming. 3 days to go’. The song itself talks about something coming any day and it got us curious as to what this new project is.

His recent post about it gave us a little sneak peek into the project. He posted what looked like a teaser for a new video that is close to being launched. He captioned this recent video ‘2 days to go......yi filim nyani’. 

This epic video has excited his fans and followers and the curiosity reached an all-time high. It seems like Somizi is releasing a movie in collaboration with a certain someone. The video also features the initials S and B.

We know that S stands for Somizi but the B asked more questions than gave answers. People took to the comments to guess what the B stood for. Some people think that the collaboration is between Somizi and Bonang while others think that it is between Somizi and Bathu, a South African sneakers brand. 

Not clarifying the same, we are just going to have to wait until Somizi drops the next hint before releasing the film. So close yet so far, Somizi certainly knows how to capture and keep his audience’s attention.

A Somizi and Bonang collaboration will certainly turn a few heads. The pair had been best friend goals for years until their friendship abruptly ended in 2016. The two used to be inseparable until they weren’t but recently patched things up. 

Somizi is an actor, media personality, choreographer, and now a chef. There is nothing that this man cannot do! Bonang Matheba, an equally talented South African television presenter, radio personality, businesswoman, producer, model, and philanthropist. An unstoppable duo.

Talking it out, the pair was finally seen back together, and friendship rekindled around two years ago. They have not worked together since but if they collab on this supposed film, it will become the talk of the town. 

However, it is more likely that the film is a collab between Somizi and Bathu. Bathu is a local shoe brand that been making sneakers in Africa for Africa. Bathu and Somizi had collaborated last year and had released customized Somizi sneakers. Somizi has been openly supporting the brand, along with other celebs like Mohale Motaung, Andile Mayisela, Khanyi Mbau, etc. 

Whether it is Bathu or Bonang, this project is undoubtedly going to be amazing! We are not the only ones that are excited. Fans have taken to the comments to let Somizi know that they are ready for this new project. Even Boity commented stating that it is going to be epic.

The hype definitely is real and the excitement increases by the minute. We cannot wait to see what Somizi has in store for us!

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