Slickartie Set To Hit Warehouse Theatre Stage

A night of beautiful music

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The popular vocalist and drummer keeps making moves in the right direction when it comes to his career. Slickartie, originally from Zimbabwe, is definitely loved by many in Namibia for his classic hits.

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His live performances are always a pleasure to attend and one can always catch him at the Garden Inn every Sunday. He even named his performances 'Sunday Service' and he wanted to create a different feeling to Sundays.

Never stopping with his magical performances, Namibians are in for another special treat. Better note that date because the event is tomorrow.

Set to hit the stage tomorrow as we close the week and are hitting the weekend, Slickartie will be performing at the Warehouse Theatre.
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Slickartie is no stranger to live performances as he seems to be booked all the time. He was recently performing in Swakopmund and he is just one unstoppable force.
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Set to perform alongside Slickartie, there is Suzy Eises the beautiful saxophonist and recording artist Skrypt.

For tomorrow's event, tickets are going for N$80 and they are available from EventsToday and at the door, one will have to pay N$100.

You don't want to miss this.

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