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The late Shona Ferguson has been awarded for his hard work at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Award. Shona bagged an award for his role as Simon "Vader" Masire in Kings of Joburg.

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The star-studded  awards took place last night in Los Angeles and Connie's brother, Sam Davis, who is also the co-executive of Kings of Joburg accepted the award on behalf of The Fergusons.

Taking to her Instagram account to congratulate Connie Ferguson penned a sweet message.

"I am beyond elated for this win! Your passion, your drive, your creative genius and your undeniable talent went unrecognized for the longest time, but that never discouraged nor deterred you from your plans and vision for Ferguson Films. To say I’m proud of my husband would be the biggest understatement! This guy! This guy! Not only was he the biggest dreamer but also the hardest worker in the room! Boss extraordinaire! With the brightest smile and heartiest laughter! Sorely missed but fondly remembered by all," she said.

She also spoke about how Shina is still greatly missed and how many people are still inspired by his work.

"Congratulations Hubby! We receive this in your honor! May the memory of you never fade in people’s minds and hearts! You are loved by many, and remembered for how you touched people’s lives and the difference you made to them! You continue to inspire beyond the grave! You truly are one of a kind! Chosen to defy death."

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