Shapwa Kanyama's Net Worth, Sources Of Wealth, And Controversies

He is a multi millionaire

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Shapwa Kanyama
Shapwa Kanyama is a controversial yet very mysterious rich businessman in Namibia known for living a very lavish lifestyle and marrying one of the most famous Namibian socialites.

Here is a look at Shapwa Kanyama’s net worth, his sources of wealth and some of his controversies that dominated tabloids.

Who is Shapwa Kanyama?

Shapwa Kanyama and Betty Davids, source: Instagram

Shapwa Kanyama is a young wealthy Namibian businessman who shot to fame for his relationship with famous socialite- Beata Siteketa who is better known as Betty Davids.

When Betty Davids welcomed the couple’s firstborn child in 2020, Shapwa Kanyama bought her a brand new luxury G-Wagon Mercedes Benz as a push gift, the news of the extravagant gift was such big news that the couple trended for days on Twitter.

After postponing their wedding several times, Shapwa Kanyama and Betty Davids finally got married in late May 2022.

Like everything else in the couple’s lives, their wedding was an extravagant two-day affair that was graced by some of the most prominent people in Namibia.
Although his name has found its way into the tabloids on several occasions, Shapwa has managed to keep a very low profile over the years and to date very little is known about his background and he remains quite a mystery that is yet to be unraveled.

What is Shapwa Kanyama’s net worth?

The exact value of Shapwa Kanyama’s net worth is currently unknown but it is believed that he is a multi-millionaire based on the lifestyle he leads.

Shapwa Kanyama’s sources of wealth

Shapwa Kanyama has accumulated his wealth from his vast business empire although the kind of business he deals in is unclear.

Over the years, there have been speculations about how Shapwa Kanyama has made his wealth and some speculations have alleged that he made money from corrupt tender dealings although he has always denied the allegations and maintained that he made his money through hard work and honest dealings.

Shortly after their grand wedding, Shapwa Kanyama and his wife sued a nurse identified as Mathilde Kadhikwa for reportedly making defamatory statements against them.

Although she didn’t mention their names, the Kanyamas understood that the message passed by the woman was intended to portray Shapwa Kanyama as “a dishonest, a corrupt businessman and that he is committing criminal acts in addition to embezzling public funds for his own benefit”.

Shapwa Kanyama’s controversy

Shapwa Kanyama and Betty Davids, source: Instagram

Shapwa Kanyama dominated headlines in early September 2022 after allegedly accidentally shooting a man at Pharaoh's Lounge.

According to witnesses, Shapwa was involved in a physical altercation with another club patron when he accidentally fired his gun and shot a car guard in the right leg. 

The victim was recovering and in stable condition, according to the police, who confirmed the incident, but no arrests had been made.

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