Samuel Shines On Struggling Artists

He says local talent is neglected

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Singer Samuel Shines has slammed reporting on struggling artists. In his lengthy Instagram post, the singer said the focus should be why local artists are struggling.

"Reporting on struggling Artists is a redundant error, in my view, because we all know that the pie is relatively small, and when shared, only a few benefits if not only those from abroad," he said.

He said events promoters and local investors prioritize international artists, especially those from South Africa over their own, and this is not helping the entertainment industry in the country.

 He continued, "You can’t expect a tree to bear healthy fruits if you don’t water it. This balderdash is the reason why we would hardly produce our own internationally recognized stars or even witness a state of an independent music industry that attracts foreign investors too, 

"...and it’s about time that those in influential positions start reporting not only on issues faced by the majority but by identifying leading factors, and equally suggesting potential solutions thereto."
Samuel was reacting to The publication had reported that many people are striving to be famous singers without an understanding that the music industry is not easy.

The publication added that most Namibian artists depend on gigs to make a living.

"When performing artists die, it often emerges that they were struggling financially, leaving families with a heavy burden and questions. Many artists live from hand to mouth and from one gig to another. For most artists in Namibia, no work means no pay and this often results in many talents seeking other professions that they are not happy in," the publication wrote on Instagram.
Meanwhile, the South African superstar Cassper Nyovest was in the country last weekend. The rapper was performing and also promoting his alcohol brand at the XS Lounge and Restaurant in Windhoek.

Cassper launched his bottle "Balliato, Taste Of Wealth" last year. Announcing the news then, he tweeted: "November 2021! I would like to introduce to you, Billiato, a taste of wealth. This is for the dreamers! The future billionaires! Here's a toast to us. This summer is gonna be lit!!! This is all we gonna be drinking!!! Luxury!!! Follow us .@Don_Billiato #BilliatoATasteOfWealth." 

He has also previously opened up about the origin of the name Balliato. He said it was taken from the word Billion. He added, "It’s a state of mind. It’s also taken from the culture in a township called Vaal in South Africa. They consider themselves to be Italians. So it’s (Billiato) is Ghetto fabulous,

“This is for the dreamers! The future billionaires! Here’s a toast to us. This summer is gonna be lit! This is all we gonna be drinking! Luxury!”

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