Robyn Nakaambo Launches Her Website

The Wait Is Finally Over

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Robyn Nakaambo has been getting us all excited about the launch of her website for the past few days. Doing a countdown on her social media channels, the day finally arrived and she launched her website.

We are as excited as she is! She launched the website on a live session on her Instagram and later posted the live session for those who missed out on it. People have taken to the comment section to congratulate her and wish her all the best. 
What people seem to love the most is the logo that shows up when you browse through different sections of the website. It is a sparkling, golden R with a crown on top. The gorgeous logo has become one of the people’s favourite things about the website. 

Robyn revealed in the live session that she had been quite anxious about the launch. She had been counting down the days and seemed excited but also nervous. She decided to celebrate on the day and posted a picture with the caption ‘Goodmorning lovebuds, are we ready to sparkle a little bit more this morning? It’s launch day and I’m rweaddddy to pop some bubbles and celebrate a milestone’.

She talks about how she has always wanted to make her brand bigger and better and the website was one of the ways to do so. She states that branding is one of the most important things to her and with the help of this website, she would be putting out a holistic image of herself.

She has portrayed her whole self in the form of this website to elevate her brand image. She hopes to be able to tell her own story through this website and show people, companies, brands, etc who she really is.

The website has been created by a close friend of hers who she has worked with multiple times before. The reason Robyn chose her is that she would be able to incorporate who Robyn really is into the website, in the best way possible.

She states that the reason she has made the website is for people out there to get to know who she really is. The support that she has received from her loyal and supportive fans is what drove her to put herself out there and be known as the Robyn she really is. 

Though she had been putting it off for a while due to various reasons, the stars finally aligned for Robyn, and her website is now here. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone and has spread her wings into a new part of her life.

She takes us through the entire website and explains to us the different features and sections. It was a fun and informative live session and for those who missed it, she has posted the session on her Instagram page. 

She has received positive remarks and immense support from everyone and we wish her only success in her new venture!

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