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Maguni will be live and in color in Namibia this June!

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Night Under the Stars for June 2019 will take place on Friday 7 and we will be welcoming on stage Nandele Maguni from Mozambique for a stellar performance of electro beats from the fellow Southern African Development Community (SADC) State. As part of the Owela Festival, the concert kicks off at 20H00 and entrance is 20 NAD.

“I believe that I can do the unimaginable and communicate with the audience through my music for us to embark on a journey and converse with other planets in our solar system,” said Maguni.

Born in northern Mozambique and raised in the capital, Maputo, the young and vibrant producer combines Makonde rhythms with trap, dubstep and psychedelic hip-hop beats to produce a sensational sound. With experience in performing at festivals across SADC and frequently collaborating with fellow musicians, Maguni is well-established as one of the most innovative beat makers and producers. He has written music for contemporary dance ensembles and films, and is a member of numerous band projects spearheaded for arts and culture development in southern Africa.

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“I started in the 90s freestyling as a drummer to the sounds of hip-hop and rock groups, which developed over time and drove me towards developing my own style and identity as a producer,” he said.

Growing up as the son of a political figure and first black director of Mozambique’s national radio, Maguni was exposed to the international sounds of Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, and Kanda Bongo Man amongst the development of his country’s broadcasting industry. Maguni said this context inspired him to incorporate traditional sounds.

“A recent visit to my village of origin in northern Mozambique had me embrace the style of Makonde and combine it with electronic sounds, the African drum beats and Latin influences to create my debut album, Likumbi.”

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