Namibian Female DJ’s On Top

What men can do, women can do better

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With the industry dominated by the male counterparts, Namibian Female DJ’s have proven that the ones and twos can be done just as well in heels.

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Speaking to a few of the female DJ’s that have managed to make a name for themselves in the game, Dj Alba Nalo who joined the entertainment scene in 2014 says it is indeed about time that more female disc jockeys come on board.

“We are quite a few, and I believe we can do better. There are so many talented female’s out there that are not ready to come out because they are intimidated by men. I personally think there is room for everyone,” she said.
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She further encouraged her fellow Namibian women to work hard and change the notion of ‘women belong in the kitchen’.

“It’s funny how there are still people who view women as stay home moms or their not allowed to pursue their dreams because they don’t wear the pants. That is not fair, let’s be unstoppable,” she stressed.

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With her dazzling beauty and extraordinary talent that made her household name, another female disc jockey, Dj Maggz also found her passion in 2014 and never looked back.

Not only is she a woman behind the decks but she is also a mother to a baby boy who refused to settle for less.

 “I gave birth to my boy in December and I can gladly say I was still up in clubs entertaining the crowd. I only stopped when I was 7 months pregnant, by than I was really tired. I know it wasn’t safe to do so but I was also trying to prove a point that I was just pregnant and not disabled,” she explained.

With almost six years of experience, Dj Maggz revealed that there are only five to six female DJ’s in the country that she somehow knows of.

“We are really a few and it would be nice if perhaps one day we find ourselves equal to the male DJs. Another thing that I think we could work on, is to also get international recognition, we don’t want to be just local DJs, we want to get bookings outside the country as well,” Dj Maggz said.

She mentioned that they have plans to reach out to more talented females in the country in the future.

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