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Nadia Nakai is of Zimbawean and South African descent and has always made it clear that she is African first before anything. The leading female rapper stepped into African recognition for her craft as the world was about to face the pandemic that changed everything. At the time Nadia was looking to travel Africa and spread her reach, however those plans were stinted.

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But recently the “Nadia Naked” creator had the opportunity to travel out side the country since the pandemic and her destination choice, was what is becoming South African celebrities’ go-to destination, Namibia. Just last month leading male hip-hop artist, AKA, paid a “working” visit to the country, as he shot the music video for the single, ‘Soek Soek,” by DJ Spuzza.

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The rapper arrived in Namibia earlier this week and serving looks from the Redbat x Nadia Nakai creator was the order of the day. For her first day in Windhoek, Nadia opted to showcase her demure lady side. She wore the Renaissance dress from popular online shop called HER Boutique. She finished off the look with Gucci details from the tote bag she was carrying, to her heels. She completed the look with inches and shades to block the sun.

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Day two was when Nadia “the demure lady” Nakai, turned into Nadia “the philanthropist and part time city girl” Nakai. Her first post showcased how she managed to meet an adorable infant through her work with the Soar Agency. 

Using her caption to detail meeting Enno, Nadia writes; “You can’t visit a beautiful country like Namibia and not educate yourself on the culture. This is Enno from the Ovahimba Tribe. (He) and his mother came to visit us today. The Red Clay definitely enhances the beauty that is black skin. Also I’m in love with him. Someone give me a baby.”
After she done with being a philanthropist, Nadia managed to sneak in time to be the ultimate city girl. While she was lounging in the pool area, Bragga managed to showcase her alter ego and the crazy dance moves she can do. We already knew that one thing about Nadia is that she can twerk, but in the video below she does more than her portion and we are here for it. The only persons we feel sorry for is the men around her because- wow.
Her last day in the country was spent with the good sis working on something she was not ready to detail. However, we can all guess that whatever it is, it is going to be big. Another thing about Nadia is that she always knows how to secure a big bag and we cannot wait for the announcement.

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