Musician's Mental Health Set To Take Centre Stage

This has been a long time coming

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Mental health is known for being a silent killer and many entertainers fall prey to this heinous disease. Thankfully an initiative has been created to help tackle this sickness. 

Musician D-Naff and his entertainment company reportedly started a concert named Speak Out Seek Help (SOSH) last week Friday. It is to assist in raising funds for musicians and entertainers at large, who struggle to get access to mental health services. 

According to New Era Live, the concert is in partnership with #Breakfree movement and LifeLine/ChildLine. They intend to use personalities to influence society to take mental health seriously. The message is clear, people with mental health issues should seek help. 

D-Naff sees the power music has in spreading a message even further. He too has seen how mental health took away some of his loved ones. 

“Many musicians, because of their status in society, are reluctant to seek mental health support services from public service providers, and are more likely to make use of private mental health practitioners,” the muso said during the launch. 

Access to quality Healthcare is costly, and some entertainers have had it rough because of COVID-19.

D-Naff added, “This has affected their livelihoods, and left most with different mental health problems. One life affected is one too many.” 

All of this will be done while people enjoy music and togetherness the concert will provide. 

“The concert seeks to give musicians the platform to change their experiences and to motivate and inspire the nation, which Namibia currently needs, and also serve as voices of reason and break the walls of isolation.” 

The concert is slated to take place on October 8, exactly 2 days before World Mental Health Day.

Depression among our stars remains a problem. Top Cheri came out an told her story even adding that she almost took her life because of it. 

"I am glad I walked the journey, the experience was beautiful when it was. I will always be grateful to everybody who helped me in the journey! Producers, my dancers, and mostly the fans that fell in love with my music. It was beautiful and I will cherish every moment," she wrote.

"Apologize for that premature announcement on Thursday regarding “Quitting”. Like many other, if not all entertainers, I have been fighting battles with depressions and battles of normalizing and adjusting to the new normal. Nobody wants to talk about it, I guess because ... in Namibia mental health is a “sensitive issue."

"Wave of self-doubt and depression hit me and I took to Facebook to offload, it was a moment of weakness. I apologize to all my fans who is and was devastated by the news. I apologize and can gracefully say I will not quit.”

She also once spoke about how she was left devastated by how the surge in mental health rose In Walvis Bay. 

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