Moonchild Comes Out As Lesbian As She Announces Reality Show

Her reality show will be titled 'Moonchild Woza'

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Moonchild Sanelly will be having her very own reality show and it will be titled 'Moonchild Woza' and will air on MTV.

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Speaking to Daily Sun, the Nudes album creator said she was not really for the idea of having a reality show however as time went on she warmed up to the idea. “It wasn’t an easy decision to bare my whole life to the country, but I believe this is a great opportunity for me to tell my own story the way I’d love for it to be told. Although I love twerking and being dramatic on stage, there’s more to me and people will actually get to see I work very hard to get the opportunities I have,“ she told the publication.

Moonchild will be introducing another side of hers as a lesbian woman, “They’ll meet my family, kids, as well as my girlfriend,“ she confirmed.

She also has something up her sleeves and it has to do with an American awards show,  "The one thing I’m looking forward to now is being part of the Grammy Awards soon.”

One of the things she will be revealing is the fact that she is a victim of abuse. On social media she once wrote, "One time I was sexually harassed by my uncle and went to report it with my friend Maps. The cops both male and Women asked me what was I wearing and why did I dance with my uncle and that I should go home and talk about it with my family. They took me in the van and drove me home," she tweeted.

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