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The Miss Namibia pageant is fast approaching and the countdown has now begun to announce to the contestant. The beauty pageant has announced that entries to the 2022 Miss Namibia has closed.

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However if you were hopeful that you would be entering the pageant, they have unfortunately closed. The Miss Namibia page announced that The Miss Namibia and Miss Teen Namibia 2022 Entries have officially closed today.

Winners of the 2021 pageant run include Miss Namibia - Universe Chelsi Shikongo, Miss Namibia - World Annerie Mare and Miss Teen Universe Alexi Swart.

When she won the competition, Chelsi reflected on the day which changed her life, "What’s meant for you will never pass you. Thinking of this day a lot these days, I remember the impact of my name being called on stage every time I close my eyes. What a time to be alive that my parents especially my Dad got to experience this moment he manifested together. I am so humbled by this experience and the journey has only begun."

Speaking of Miss Namibia Universe Chelsi Shikongo, she broke many hearts when she revealed that her sister is battling MDR Chronic TB. In a lengthy IG post, she revealed that her sister asked her to remove a video she created because of the stigma she faced. 

"She asked me to remove the video I did about her condition because of the discrimination and stigma she's facing from people because of her condition some days are good some days are bad and that day was a good day and she still needs your help the go fund me is available and the link is my bio. Thank you to each and every person that is still donating that has donated and you can still donate whether it's clothing, food, and all other necessities."

Chelsi had started a GoFundMe to raise some money for her teenage sister, "I am raising funds to help my 15-year-old suffering from tuberculosis the second time now this one is more severe as it is the MDR Chronic TB and she has to be on the treatment. I lost my job, my dad's company is on strike and my mom makes little to no money and my younger sister needs assistance.

"We actually need a proper place to stay if she wants to heal and already with the pandemic she's struggling its been a traumatic experience I can only imagine being a teen suffering from chronic lung disease in this pandemic and we have ran out of options the health sector in Namibia told us she doesn't qualify for a grant."

"That's why I am here today to ask for help please by donating because there's so much she needs like proper food counseling and a will to take her medicine to be in a positive and safe environment as she gets discriminated against she lost all her friends it's really difficult honestly I can only imagine how it must feel for her please anyone out there that can help even if you can't donate please share and contact me if there are other ways you can help thank you so much for taking your time out of your day to read about my cause today," she wrote.


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