Miss Namibia Auditions Open!

Miss Teen Namibia auditions are also open!

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Miss Namibia and Miss Teen Namibia auditions have finally opened! The reigning Miss Namibia 2022 Cassia Sharpley has been going on a grand tour to cities advocating for Namibian beauties to apply for this wonderful opportunity.

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Cassia and the Miss Namibia team have been encouraging hopefuls to apply for this pageant as well as the Miss Teen Namibia 2023. Hopefuls can fill in  forms at the NBC website. They can alternatively make way to the NBC Head Office and Radio Center including the NBC Regional offices, countrywide to fill our forms there.

More information below:

If you want to put your MCing skills to the test, you can also apply for the position of Miss Namibia 2023 and Miss Teen Namibia MC for 2023 by following these simple steps:

"All interested candidates outside of Windhoek may submit a 30 - 40 second MC Audition video clip to [email protected] and it could be you! Requirements:
Video should be filmed in Landscape, 1080x1920
Include your name, age, town and why you think you will be the best candidate & introduction of the show

Deadline Submission: Friday, 14 April 2023, 17H00."

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To become Miss Namibia you need to have the utmost elegance and poise. Apart from being beautiful inside and out, you must: "Annually Miss Namibia Pageant celebrates beauty with a charitable cause by crowning one deserving young woman to carry the title of Miss Namibia.

"The title initiates a drive to bring charity to the less-privileged; to promote deserving social causes;  to be an example of purposeful living to the young and to bring honour and pride to our Nation as an Ambassador of Namibia."

The current Miss Namibia, Cassia Sharpley got handed her crown by Miss Universe 2021 - Universe Chelsi Shikongo. Before Chelsi was Miss Namibia - World Annerie Mare, and Miss Teen Universe Alexi Swart.

The current Miss World Namibia is Leoné Renate van Jaarsveld who promised to uphold the Namibian flag with humility. She has an initiative called LR Youth Support, which is a Non-Profit Organisation aimed at bettering the lives of the youth.

“As @missworldnamibia 2023, I will carry Namibia's flag with pride and humility, as I use this platform to support underprivileged children in Namibia," she said.

"I believe that the children of today are our leaders of tomorrow. Every child deserves the basic necessities, and that’s why I have established @lr_youth_support," she continued. 

"With my platform, I will bring visibility and recognition to national non-profit organizations with my intent to empower founding supporters of such causes of goodwill to keep up excellent work and to attract attention of prospective sponsors and bring unification within my Community. My aim as the founder of @lr_youth_support is to narrow the gap between the haves and the have nots.

"As any Namibian, I adore my country and everything we have to offer the World. Our passion, our diverse and unique cultures, our dynamic and vast landscapes along with our incredible wildlife. I am immensely proud to stand tall on the international stage for our Namibian people” — @missworldnamibia 2023, @leone_renate," she concluded. 
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