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Michael Amushelelo, The Richest Forex Traders In Namibia
Forex trading is the new craze in town. And although many people who try their hand in trading end up losing their dollars, a few names are making a killing from this business.

Here are six of the richest forex traders in Namibia that are worth knowing. If you've been thinking of joining the forex trading world, then you should check these names out.

Michael Amushelelo

Michael Amushelelo, credit: Instagram

Amushelelo is one of the richest forex traders in Namibia, as well as the most renowned in the field. When you mention forex trading, the first name that comes into people's minds is Amushelelo.

The co-founder and CEO of Amushe Inc always had a sharp mind for trading from a young age, and as a young man, he sold lollipops and cleaned his neighbours' backyards for a fee before finally setting up his company.

Amushelelo loves to spend extravagantly, and he also loves to show off his wealth on social media. He owns some big machines, including a Mercedes-Benzes, two BMWs, and a Range Rover, all of which have the customized number plates' FOREX.'

Along with his success, Michael Amushelelo has also had his share of problems with the law. He has been arrested several times for fraud and money laundering allegations, and in 2020 his property was impounded for these reasons.

On top of that, Amushelelo has been accused in the past of being in the Illuminati and running a pyramid scheme. You know you have made it in life when people start pointing fingers at everything else except for your hard work.

Gregory Cloete

Gregory Cloete, credit: Instagram

Gregory Cloete is Ameshelelo's business partner and a forex trader too who is making money from forex trading.

Apart from trading, Gregory also considers himself a debt consultant, tracer, claims consultant, and mentor.

As a master of the cryptocurrency world, Cloete offers training and trading classes at a fee of $2 000. His classes cover understanding how cryptocurrency works, investments in cryptocurrency, and the appreciation/depreciation of cryptocurrency.

Although he has not disclosed his net worth, Gregory is one of the richest forex traders in Namibia.


Namcash, credit: Instagram

Nyangi One, a.k.a Namcash, is another young blood who is making it big in the forex trading business and makes it on the list of the richest forex traders in Namibia.

Namcash is the founder and CEO of Namcash fx Institution. He also teaches students on forex trading, including an introduction to forex trading, technical and fundamental analysis, and strategies that work in Forex trading.

This young, rich forex trader loves driving expensive machines. Inside his garage is a black BMW that he loves flaunting. 

Jeremiah Mootseng (Wizkid)

Jeremiah Mootseng and Sandile Shezi, credit: Instagram

Jeremiah Mootseng is another young forex trader who has mastered the art of forex trading and is making money from it.

Besides trading, Mootseng also teaches people how to trade and has free classes on YouTube and Facebook. He also has a partnership training with Trading hub- Nam.

Mootseng considers South Africa's forex master- Sandile Shezi as his mentor, and like his mentor, Mootseng is also making steady steps as an upcoming tycoon and he is one of the richest forex traders in Namibia.

Bosso Forex

Bosso posing next to his car, credit: Instagram

Last but not least, on our list of the richest forex traders in Namibia is Bosso.

The founder of Bosso Forex offers training to newbies in the Forex world through seminars.

But when he is not busy making money behind his computer, Bosso loves to treat his family with fun outdoor activities, and as you know, nothing makes the outdoors more fun than when you have money.

Did we leave out any rich forex traders from this list? Also, if you are a forex trader yourself, let the other readers know something about forex trading that they don't know.
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