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Michael Amushelelo, Michael Amushelelo

At only 31 years old, Michael Amushelelo is one of the most renowned young rich people on Namibian soil.

The young socialite turned Economic freedom fighter is known for his frequent appointments with the law courts against his will, his extravagant lifestyle that he loves to flaunt on social media and his story of ascent to success which has been quite short and quite dramatic.

If you have been wondering exactly how much Michael Amushelelo’s net worth is, then here is a detailed summary of his net worth, sources of wealth, and how he spends his money.

What is Michael Amushelelo’s net worth?

Michael Amushelelo, source: Instagram

Different sources provide different values for Michael Amushelelo’s net worth and it’s quite difficult to point out his actual net worth although, from the values provided, his net worth lies between $1-$5 million.

He has accumulated this impressive wealth through his businesses and through Forex trading where he is a master. Here is how each of his hustles brings him money.

Michael Amushelelo the businessman

Michael Amushelelo’s net worth has been majorly built through his solid entrepreneurial skills. Born and raised in the township of Katatura, Amushelelo started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age 

After high school in 2008, Michael Amushelelo who missed the cut-off points for university launched a small business where together with his cousins, he would clean his neighbours’ yards for a fee. 

This business did well and pretty soon, Amushelelo had accumulated enough savings to start a mini-shop at his home where he sold basic daily commodities like soft drinks, lollipops and airtime.

In 2010, Amushelelo took a break from his business when he got a job as an apprentice brewer at Namibia Breweries. In the same year, he co-founded Amushe International Holding Group (Pty) Ltd. 

Since he didn’t have the necessary qualifications, he gathered a team of young professionals from different sectors. Under Amushe International Holding Group (Pty) Ltd, they formed subsidiaries like Amushe Advertising and Amushe Computer Solutions.

Michael Amushelelo the forex trader

Michael Amushelelo, source: Instagram

Besides his hand in business, Michael Amushelelo has also made a fortune from his investments in the forex trade.

As of 2022, he is among the richest forex traders in Namibia. However, working in the Forex industry has not been an easy ride for him as he has been arrested several times and charged in court for fraud-related cases that include running a pyramid scheme.

Is Michael Amushelelo in the Illuminati?

Amushelelo’s success and flashy lifestyle that he likes to flaunt on social media have led people to question his sources of wealth with some speculating that he might be conspiring with dark forces like the Illuminati.

Although the Illuminati links are laughable, Michael Amushelelo who is fond of attention doesn’t make it easy on his haters

A few years ago, a video of him offering random people on the streets money if they agreed to join the Illuminati made rounds. And although it was obviously one of his publicity stunts, a few people fell for it and now believe that Michael Amushelelo’s net worth has been built from his association with the secret dark society.

Michael Amushelelo cars

Michael Amushelelo's cars, source: Facebook

Michael Amushelelo’s net worth affords him a life of luxury that many can only dream of. The young trader who has an appetite for fast cars loves to change cars like he changes his clothes.

Some of the cars that he owns include two BMWs, a Mercedes-Benzes, and a Range Rover, all are customized with “FOREX” number plates. Does this mean that he bought them with proceeds from his forex trade? We don’t know for sure.

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