Julieta Amushelelo - "Our People Are Suffering"

Amushelelo's wife is heartbroken by some

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Julieta Amushelelo has taken to social media to relay how she is heartbroken by the state of the poor and homeless people in the country. The activist's wife together with her husband has both shown how heartbroken they are over the state of living by the poor people and are actively looking for ways to help.

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Julieta is the wife of Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Michael Amushelelo. The politician had recently been arrested and just got released on bail after he and several other NEFF members engaged in a protest action at Chinatown in Windhoek last month.

Taking to IG stories, Julieta expressed heartache over the poor living conditions the poor are subjected to living to.

"I'm so sad, our people are suffering. Some don't have shelter, no warm clothes, food, no water. It breaks my heart to always see people on the streets. Humans, people like you and I. With no food to eat or even water to drink.

"Kids where by their childhood is all about waking up and going to beg for food. It does not feel like I'm doing much of a difference when I try to help where I can," she wrote.
Julieta IG stories
Julieta IG stories

Following his release, Amushelelo penned a letter to his fellow Namibians and expressed all that is embedded in him. The politician then shared a message to people saying he stands by the poor by going on a hunger strike.

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"I Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo, a political prisoner in Windhoek central prison, I hear by informed the Namibia nation that I am on a hunger strike to protest and raise the following issues.

"Unemployment, marginalized groups, hunger, poverty, oppressed workers, injustice, the poor messes who are economically excluded, and my fellow depressed youth who are the majority yet they have no sense of urgency to solve their issues. I will remain on a hunger strike in solidarity with my fellow Namibians who go to bed on a hungry stomach because they do not have food. Power to the people!!!

Following his release, Julieta said some worrisome things about being followed by 5 suspicious men. "I'm being followed. 4 black guys and a Chinese." 

A gossip page re shared her deleted IG stories saying it is rather worrisome that this is happening to her. "This is now becoming scary!! Is this a way to intimidate Amushe? One thing is for sure, Chinese have a lot of connections with the mafia," the page claimed.

Amushelelo handed himself over to the police and on video said this, “Ndeitunga, I am here, come and arrest me personally because you are just there getting a salary for nothing. If you want me arrested, you must come and do it yourself.”

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