Meriam Kaxuxwena Biography: How She Became A Model For Little Namibian Girls

The Beauty Queen That Has Graced Our Runways

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Meriam Kaxuxwena, Namibian Model
Meriam Kakuxwena has built a name for herself locally and internationally from modeling. She has gone out of her way to place Namibia on the map. 

Here is everything you need to know about her.

Meriam's Education

The first few years of her life were spent in Gibeon, where she relocated to at age six. She attended the Gibeon Primary School. When she was nine years old, she moved to Windhoek. This is where she completed her primary schooling. She attended the Tobias Hainyeko Primary School.

Meriam did her high school studying at Augustineum Secondary School. This is the school where she won her first beauty pageant.

Meriam's Age

The international model is only 27 years old. She celebrates her birthday every November

Meriam's Boyfriend

Who is the most gorgeous lady in Namibia dating? It is not clear. Meriam hasn't shared much information about her love life, except hinting that she slept in the same bed with Emmanuel Adebayor.  

In a Twitter battle that happened between her and model Dillish, Meriam revealed that she slept in the same bed with Dillish’s boyfriend, soccer player Emmanuel Adebayor two years ago in London. It is not clear if the two were dating at the time.

Other than the scandal involving Adebayor, Meriam clearly has an active dating life. In the recent past she has publicly said that her ex lover used to make N$119 million per year.

In a recent post on her new Ig account she added a comment that stated "If my boyfriend see this picture he will be wondering who took this picture 😫"

Meriam Kaxuxwena Best Friend

Dillish, the Big Brother Africa winner has for a long time been Meriam's best friend. However, 2020 seems to have come bearing rocky grounds for the duo after they publicly fought.

The fight started when Meriam hinting at sleepy with Dillish's boyfriend. Dillish did not take her comments lightly and things escalated when the two threatened to beat each other. Eventually, they did which led to them not being in talking terms for a long while.

However, a few weeks later the two were able to move past their differences.

Meriam Kaxuxwena Instagram Account

Although a while back Meriam was looking for a buyer for her Instagram account, it appears like she did not go through with the plans. Meriam stayed in possession of her account until August this year when it was hacked. The international model explained that the person that had stolen her laptop and phone hacked into her Instagram account. At the time the account had about 305K followers. What a loss

Previously she wanted to sell her account sighting trolling from Nambians

"The reason why I'm selling this Instagram You people are so ungrateful, you are very mean and I don't know why," she said.

Meriam attracts a number of haters on social media because she does not shy away from speaking her mind. Social media users are constantly attacking her, and she is sometimes forced to clap back to defend herself.

The model posted an emotional video on Instagram, telling her fans that her Instagram account is up for sale, and she is selling at N$ 30 000. At the time, the account had 240 000 followers. She said to those who are interested in buying, it can make a lot of money from it.

Meriam Kaxuxwena Controversy

Meriam has been involved in several clashes with the who's who in the entertainment industry.

In 2019 she was involved in a fight with former Big Brother winner Dillish Mathews. The two slay queens battled it out at a club in Pharaohs in Windhoek.  According to media reports, witnesses say Dillish pulled MK’s wig, threw her off the couch and broke her nails and her Xmax plus phone.

The two models then took the battle to Twitter. Meriam, who claimed she doesn't like to fight, wrote on Twitter that she has gotten a restraining order against Dillish.

“I already opened a case against them. I told I don’t want to fight and they still came after me. I am not a violent person and I will never fight with anyone even when I told them I do not want to fight in public,” Mk responded to a tweet from one of the witnesses.

The supermodel made headlines in 2016 for failing to pay her models who were part of her lingerie show.  Meriam hosted a swimwear launch show - one of the best the country had seen, in November 2015, but failed to pay 32 of the models who participated. 

“Yes, I didn’t pay them yet because I moved the payment date to February 12. Each will get N$1000, altogether it is N$32 000 since they were 32 models. I will pay them, you don’t use models for free, modelling is a business so I was going to pay them after the show but ended up not having enough since I was counting on some people that were supposed to sponsor my show but they disappointed me,” she told the media. 

Meriam was also involved in another fight with local songstress Blossom in 2018. Blossom compared her looks to Meriam's after Meriam posted a photo on Instagram. Meriam didn't take this well. She threw shade at Blossom and accused her of using her for fame since her music career has died.

Recently she posted a video while  showing off money in dollars. Meriam was out with her friends when she took the video. Looks like her modelling career is a mint.

Meriam a Virgin?

The queen of controversy recently announced on Instagram that she is a virgin. In a Q&A session with her fans, she said that she is a virgin and one can easily tell by her innocent looks.

Meriam meets Floyd Mayweather

The model shocked everyone recently when she posted a video with Floyd Mayweather the renowned International boxer. The two were attending a party together. She later updated her Instagram stories with a video showing Jamie Fox and Floyd Mayweather gracing the party. Look like the young woman is hanging out with big fish ha!

Meriam Kaxuxwena Beauty Contests 

Meriam started modelling at the tender age of 15 and is inspired by international model Naomi Campbell. She has been modelling for over 10 years. Like Naomi - she has graced some of the biggest stages and won some of the biggest titles.

Her first beauty contest was when she was in High School. She won the Miss Augustineum in 2007 and got the opportunity to represent her school in national high school pageants. 

In 2019 she won the Beauty Queen of the Year 2019 Award at KFW. She has also won Miss Africa at the Miss Tourism Universe in Lebanon. Another beauty pageant she won was the Best Catwalk Model and the Best Complexion at the World Bikini Model International pageant in China. 

She has also won:
Miss hope International 2016.
World Supermodel Namibia 2017.
Meriam Kaxuxwena Supermodel Africa winner 2015.
Miss Africa Tourism 2014 winner.
Best Complexion Model winner 2014.
Miss District Internet 2015.
Miss Augustineum 2007.
Miss Valentine 2006.

Unlike the rumors about Meriam leaving her modeling career, the beauty is still in the game. However she blamed her inactivity in the modelling scene to the Pandemic that has since caused cancelling of shows and postponement. She recently updated that she is back to her favorite career

Meriam Kaxuxwena Lingerie Line

Meriam founded her own lingerie line and MK Swimwear in 2015. She launched the swimwear on her birthday. 

This was the first lingerie line to be launched in Namibia. Her lingerie caters for all body types and shapes.

Meriam Kaxuxwena Travelling 

Meriam lives the life that many of us can only ever dream of. She works hard, but also takes time to unwind and travel the world. She has been in many places in the world, both for work, but also on vacation. Meriam has been to Las Vegas, New York, California, Chicago, Dubai, and the Bahamas just to name a few.

Meriam seems to have developed a soft spot for Miami and London. Lately she has been oscillating between these two countries.

Meriam in Miami

Meriam London

Meriam Kaxuxwena Modelling Academy

The best way to live a legacy in life is to transfer skills and empower others to be the best.

Meriam is determined to improve the local modelling industry.

This is the reason why she started her modelling college MK Modelling Training. She started the training in January 2018.  

Meriam teaches aspiring models crucial skills such as catwalk and posing techniques, and also self-confidence and personality development. 

Meriam Kaxuxwena Car

Meriam loves driving posh cars. She often takes pictures of herself in luxurious cars, although it is not clear which car she owns.

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