Meriam Kaxuxwena Slays In Miami!

Meriam Serves Looks Everywhere She Goes.

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Meriam Kaxuxwena is currently in Miami living it up. No stranger to the good life, she has been posting eye-candy for her fans and followers to enjoy. She has been in the United States of America for a while now and has recently blessed Miami with her presence. However, she has not been clear about when she plans on returning. 

The gorgeous model has been living her best life in Miami, Florida. She looks like she has been having a great time, enjoying some delicious looking food and showing off her killer body in sunny Florida.

As we all know, Meriam is a model and the ultimate beauty queen of Namibia. Having participated in many beauty pageants since she was ten years old, it comes as no surprise to anyone to see her grow into the limelight and pave her way to fame and fortune. 

Seeing success in her career internationally as well, her name won’t be forgotten by anyone in the modeling industry. Her beauty, talent, and fiery personality are what she is known most for and this shines through every post or project of hers. 

Winning numerous awards has been a reward for all her hard work and dedication. She has won multiple awards such as World Supermodel Namibia 2017, Miss Hope International 2016, Meriam Kaxuxwena Supermodel Africa winner 2015, Miss Africa in 2014, and others. 

It cannot be denied that her no-nonsense attitude has gotten her into trouble a few times. However, she has always put on a brave face and pushed through any obstacle or curveball the industry has thrown at her. 

Her brave persona is what gets her through the hate as well. We all know it’s not easy and, at times, not fun being popular. The hate and negativity can get to even the strongest of people, but Meriam has always given it back to her haters. 

A pageant queen, photography model, and catwalk model, Meriam has had a taste of what it is like to work hard to get to the top but has been rewarded for the same. Her modeling career has given her the opportunity to travel to many locations. 

After all her efforts, it is clear that she deserves a break and a break is exactly what she is getting. She seems to be enjoying herself to the fullest in Miami and we love to see her live her life and have fun! A treat not only for her but also for us as she proves that she knows how to bring in the heat. 

The bikini-clad model shows off her assets in these hot pictures that she has posted on her feed. We were stunned to see how amazing she looks and are waiting for her next post to show up on our feeds. Miami sure suits her well!

She might be there for just a vacation or for a new project. Either way, we cannot wait to see what she brings us next! Taking her good looks all the way to Miami, Florida, all we can say is that we hope she has fun and that we can’t wait for her to be back home!

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