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We Are So Lucky To Have Meriam Kaxuxwena

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Meriam Kaxuxwena-Namibian Celebrity
29 years ago, on a day like this, the dynamic ever flamboyant model made her first appearance into this life.

At the time not many could have known that she was, without doubt, going to shake the entertainment industry, but over the years Meriam Kaxuxwena has established herself as a force to reckon with.

Over the past year, here are some of the stories about the star that have kept us glued to our social media notifications.

Meriam and Dillish's rocky relationship

In 2020, Dillish Mathews and Meriam Kaxuxwena's seeming relationship was tested by the MOST, as a result of the most typical source of disagreement – a guy! Meriam updated her status in early 2020, encouraging Dillish to wear the MK Lingerie she bought from her when sleeping with soccer player Emmanuel Adebayor. The international model and the Big Brother Africa winner got into a classic catfight. Dillish and her buddy, on the other hand, did not take it lightly and attacked the model in one of Windhoek's uptown nightclubs just days after threatening to beat her up on social media.

Witnesses say the pair shoved MK off the couch, ripped her wig off, and broke her nails as well as her iPhone Xmax. Dillish and Dj Seboa, two closest friends, allegedly had to be dragged out of the club on their first attempt, but a defiant Dillish returned and sat next to MK, irritating her once more.

Thankfully, the women were able to put their differences aside a few weeks later and move on from the incident, but fans have been keeping a careful eye on their love lives ever since, waiting with held breath to see if any drama would erupt.

Meriam Kaxuxwena's beauty pageants

Meriam began modeling at the juvenile age of 15 and was inspired by Naomi Campbell, an international model. She, like Naomi, has performed on some of the most prestigious stages and received some awards as well.
When she was in high school, she entered her first beauty pageant. In 2007, she was crowned Miss Augustineum and had the opportunity to represent her high school in national high school pageants.
She was named Beauty Queen of the Year 2019 at KFW. She also took home the title of Miss Africa at the Miss Tourism Universe pageant in Lebanon. Another beauty pageant she won was the World Bikini Model International contest in China, where she won Best Catwalk Model and Best Complexion.

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Attempts to sell Instagram fail & gets hacked

Meriam was looking for a buyer for her Instagram account a while back, but it appears that she did not follow through with her plans. Meriam kept control of her account until it was hacked. The individual who stole her laptop and phone also hacked into her Instagram account. The account had around 305K followers at the time. What a pity.
She had previously intended to sell her account because she was tired of all the hate she was getting from Namibians. "The reason why I'm selling this Instagram You people are so ungrateful, you are very mean and I don't know why," she said.
Meriam has a lot of detractors on social media because she isn't afraid to say what she thinks. Users on social media are continuously criticizing her, and she is occasionally forced to protect herself by clapping back.

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Tweep throws shade at her


Meriam Kaxuxwena is the latest Namibian celebrity to be targeted for her appearance. This comes after she flaunted her gorgeous body in a photo on her Instagram account.
The model sat on a coffee table on her stomach, exposing her butt, and captioned it "I'm too cute to look for work, so please make me famous." An admirer decided to make a snide remark on her post "You're not attractive; you're merely naked. Nudity isn't the same as beauty." The outraged model had to put on her boxing gloves to retaliate, delivering a fatal clap back at the hater "So, what's the point?.

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