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She Secures Another Bag!

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Maria Nepembe took to Instagram to share the gifts she received and also spoke about her upcoming collaboration. She did not reveal the details of her collaboration but we are all excited for her to update us on the project. 

She posted videos on her Instagram story talking about the gifts as well as the brand she will be collaborating with. She also mentioned that she was grateful for the year 2021 as it has been good to her so far. 

Maria has achieved a lot of success in her career and she continues to stay at the top of the game. She has explored many fields and has excelled in all that she does. 

She has starred in television shows, presented on the radio, has produced multiple projects, is a self-proclaimed well-known model, and recently added the title of filmmaker and director onto the list.

She first had a taste of success after her feature in the Dirty Kandeshi music video by PDK in 2012. She also won the hearts of her Namibian fans after she played as a contestant on Big Brother Africa season eight in 2013. 

She was the first model to host the NAMAs and has played an influential role in the fashion as well as the entertainment industry. Always speaking her mind, she has made a name for herself in the industry. 

She is also a proud business owner. RIA is her collection of custom-made as well as ready-to-wear clothing, including bridal wear. The fashionista has been running a successful business since the launch.

She also added filmmaker and director to her resume a year ago. She recently took up a project where she directed her first commercial. Having shown a lot of interest in the film industry, Maria studied her way into becoming a qualified director.

She also created a new Instagram page as a filmmaker and creator. Advertising her talents on social media, she is scouting for new projects. It seems to have worked as she spoke up about her new collaboration. 

She, along with other celebs such as Dillish Mathews, received gifts in the past few days. She posted a video on her Instagram story, showing us the gifts and thanking those that sent them to her. 

She showed off her new sunglasses that she is in love with. She also received a stylish hat along with a cute dress. Being the fashion lover that she is, she definitely loved the gifts that were sent to her.
Maria's Instagram Story
Maria's Instagram Story

The gift that she seemed most excited about, however, was from Tetley Tea. She was sent four different flavors of green tea and a cup. She spoke about the benefits of drinking the tea and showed us the package the company sent her.

Maria's Instagram Story

The star revealed that she has always loved the brand and couldn’t be more excited about receiving the gift from them. She stated that she has been drinking the Tetley Green Tea for two years now and is thrilled to collaborate with them. 

We cannot wait to hear more about her new project and wish her all the best! 

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