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Introducing Director Ria

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Director Ria, is what she wants people to call her from now on. The ever-so-talented media personality Maria Nepembe added film producer and director to her list of titles. 

She announced on her Twitter account that she is officially a film producer/director and the congratulatory messages came flooding. 

Nepembe is a designer, model, fitness personality actor, MC and artist. She has shown a lot of interest in the film industry and has embarked on an educational journey to officially become a qualified director.
Director Ria

She is currently based in the United Kingdom this year and has engaged on major projects. She has directed music videos and the most loved being Top Cheri’s Hand Over. Currently she is co-directing her own fitness reality TV show on NBC Namibia titled Body With Maria Nepembe. 

She has shared posts on her Instagram page alerting fans on what she has been up to and has hinted her love for film. If that isn’t enough, she wrote, produced and directed her own film ‘Cousin Kauna.’

“This has been a stressful and yet very exciting couple of months and I am so proud to come this far.” She exclaimed.  

The Namibian beaut keeps breaking barriers in every move she makes. Her much watched show Body With Maria Nepembe focusses on fitness and health where 10 contestants battle it out in the gym. It currently airs at 7.30PM. The show according the Maria serves as a lesson to the viewers to work on themselves and to take care of their health. 

Maria was also casted by Ana Thenine on her new film and critics said her stellar performance was Oscar worthy. 

She made a name for herself as a model when she appeared on billboards and stealing the spotlight on the runway. She then became a top model that was in-demand. From there on, she has been working on her dreams ever since and has never looked back. 

Her influence in the fashion and entertainment industry as well as social media is remarkable and has gained a profusion of fans from all over. 

Since her announcement Maria has received her fair share of hate and had no interest in addressing the negativity but had a few words to share…

“Also one thing I will never be is a hater!!! I celebrate people and their accomplishments. And I’m not shy to congratulate and celebrate them publicly or privately.” She said,

We wish Maria nothing but the best in her future endeavors! 

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