Maria Nepembe Is All About Her Truth

She has no time for haters.

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She is Namibia's finest and has many titles under her name. Maria Nepembe; If she is not bracing television screens, she is presenting on radio, producing films or modelling. She is also a fitness expert and is considered a role model by many youngsters.

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However, being in the public eye, Maria has also seen herself not being on anyone's goodside and has also experienced some ups and downs. Maria once revealed that she was the victim of abuse at the hands of someone she knew. 

Let us take a quick look back at some of the highlights of Maria Nepembe’s past years.

Maria Nepembe disses Top Cheri

The feud between Maria Nepembe and Top Cheri started when the latter disrespecting KP Illest as an artist. She posted a picture of two rappers, including KP Illest and asked her followers who their favourite rapper was.

Maria then came to KP Illest’s defence, stating that the singer has shown her true colours and needs to stop fooling around. She was being dragged through the mud for her comment, which then caused the rapper in question to come to her rescue.

Maria slams her haters

When Maria had a sit-down interview with Leena Shipwata and an interesting conversation ensued between them. Leena asked her a couple of questions including what she wishes people could stop asking her. Responding to her question, Maria said she wishes people could ask her about empowering things in life that they will benefit from besides private questions about her.

"It's things I hate like oh, when are you getting a child? Why are you asking me about what my womb is up to? It is so rude and inconsiderate because what if I can't have children, or have an illness..."

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Is Maria Nepembe getting married? 

If this should happen, then this will be the wedding to look out for. There is nothing better than a celebrity praising their partner and Maria Nepembe did just that. She is head over heels about her mystery bae and wanted the entire world to know it. In a series of tweets, Maria went on to show her love for her boyfriend by saying, “My boyfriend is the most amazing being”.

The series ended with her saying that she couldn’t wait to marry him. While many fans congratulated the star, others tried to speculate who the mystery man was.

So is Maria Nepembe getting married? 

Maria Nepembe’s Tweets Against Homophobia

Maria twitter page was fired up with posts campaigning for the rights of people from the LGBTQI community. In the post, the multitalented actress went on to say that the discrimination seen against the LGBTQI community usually results in violence. She also urged everyone to love one another and condemned any homophobic comments posted about the LGBTQI community.

This topic was personal for Maria as she had a loved one who homophobes attacked, and even the police did not protect them. This sparked a weekend-long debate and prompted Maria to remind them that they were talking about real human beings and their homophobia is affecting. 

Maria Nepembe calls for abortion to be legal

Maria has been known to speak out about social issues in the past, and this time it is no different. The star signed a petition to call on the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, to legalise abortion in the country.

The petition was started by Banshee Beauty Boois as a collective plea to legalise abortion in Namibia. Along with signing the petition, Maria urged her followers on Twitter to do the same. The petition earned over 3000 signatures. 

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