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Charity begins at home

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Multi award-winning Gospel star Maranatha Sophia Goroh, has decided to practice what she preaches by giving back to the children in Rundu. Charity does indeed begin at home!

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In partnership with a non-profit organisation called Never Walk Alone Namibia, Maranatha will be giving away 1200 shoes as well as toiletries and food to the children of Rundu.

"Giving 1200 shoes, toiletries, and Food to the Children of Rundu with the Amazing @nwanamibia team. This great Project has touched so many lives and will continue to do so by putting smiles on more children's faces and preparing them to walk into a better future."

We take a look at some of the celebrities who have done extensive charity work.

Adora Kisting saw the best way to give back is by performing for free at different schools. "When we grew up, schools used to have a combination of different extra fun activities. We had talent shows, karaoke nights. Therefore in the begging of the year we have set a certain budget aside so that we are able to team up  with schools to bring edutainment to them," she told NAlebrity.

"We invite kids to freestyle with Tulisan whilst I moderate the dancing competition, we really just want to give back to the kids, teachers and revive the spirit of edutainment," Adora said.

DJ Castro is amongst the cream of the crop of celebrities who give back like it's nothing. The star started giving back in 2017 and never stopped. Not even COVID could deter him.

His charity brand Let’s Unite, still gives back to communities from all over.

But what's even more refreshing is seeing other celebrities joining forces to give back. The Omake Charity Organisation once had a lot of celebrities joining forces to host an event in Otjiwarongo. Eddy Kgobetsi, founder, decided to incorporate fitness into the activities.

Not only that, but they have other exciting activities such as your back-to-school drive, hot meals, blankets, sanitary pads and nappies and other campaigns which involve cleaning.

β€œIn Otjiwarongo, there are not a lot of fun-filled activities for the youth. We will also have a jumping castle and go-karting. The idea is to make our future leaders happy, so they are able to contribute positively to the development of our country,” the organiser Kgobetsi told the Namibian Sun.

β€œWe want to establish a vegetable garden that will complement our soup day activities. We will be able to get vegetables from there. We also plan to create employment for the youth and take them off the street. We feel it is important to not only provide them with food, but also to teach them about hard work,” he added.

But it has been a while since any celebs gave back to charity, we would love to see them back in action. 

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