"Still Shaken" - Luis Munana On Being Racially Profiled

He plans on suing this popular retailer

By  | Mar 05, 2023, 06:33 PM  | Luis Munana  | Top of The

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Luis Munana took to Twitter to reveal a painful ordeal he suffered while shopping at Clicks. He expressed shock over how he was allegedly racially profiled and said she was left shaken.

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Luis opened up about an unfortunate occurrence which left him and a friend shaken. He accuses a black security guard at Clicks of racial profiling and said this happened in full view of other people. He said he was left humiliated as people were recording on their cell phones.
He claimed there was no signage which instructed customers to leave their bags at the door.
Luis said they escalated this with the management and the guard now started searching people's bags, something he had not been doing before.
He then said he will be taking legal action against Clicks.

Trying to rectify the situation, Clicks responded to this and asked to handle the matter privately.
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