Luis Is Boity Thulo's Groupie

He Couldn’t Be Happier With The New Addition

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We all know Luis Munana as the sweetheart of Namibia. He recently posted a picture on his Instagram showing that Baby Tununu and Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo just followed his Instagram profile and he seems very happy about the same. 
Luis Munana's Instagram Story

He is clearly feeling quite accomplished and to be honest, it is an adorable sight to see. Baby Tununu has become Namibia’s youngest comedian and we all know Boity, a very successful television personality, rapper, actress, businesswoman, and model. We understand that feeling of happiness on seeing them follow him on Instagram, one after the other. 

Luis Munana, a jack of all trades, is Namibia’s top male international model. He has shown his talents on catwalks in London and the United States of America. Along with being a very successful model, he is also a presenter, a financial analyst, and a businessman. 

Coming from a small town in Namibia, his hard work and dedication have helped him make a name for himself. Luis Munana is now one of the most famous males in the country. He is the first Namibian male that has been listed in the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list, a huge accomplishment. 

Luis had his claim to fame during his participation in Big Brother Africa in 2014. He represented Namibia in the ninth season but was the tenth member to be evicted. After the show, he confirmed his relationship with house-mate Mira. they broke up and he went on to date Wema Sepetu, a Tanzanian model, but this relationship ended soon as well. 

Luis has accomplished a lot in his professional life. He is the founder of Voigush Media, the producer, director as well as a writer for Voigush Africa, the owner of Voigush Magazine, is the creative director of a very successful animated and cartoon show, has an academy for young children, is the founder and director of Windhoek Fashion Week, and runs many charities. 

The 29-year-old has accomplished a lot in his professional as well as personal life. It is clear to see why he is called a jack of all trades. He is also always been a huge advocate for women and has always celebrated them. 

He recently took to social media to celebrate some of them and wrote heartfelt messages for each of them. The model and entrepreneur celebrated some of the women who have made a massive impact in their respective industries. 

It was incredibly touching to see Luis show his appreciation for these women, especially during these difficult times where women go through a lot of pain due to the increasing number of human trafficking, abuse, and rape cases. 

He wrote appreciative messages for each of the women he showed his love and appreciation towards. The post was dedicated to the special women who he had been working with and admired. 

In this new case of him appreciating women, he expressed his happiness upon seeing two very talented Namibian women, or rather one woman and one child, follow him on Instagram. 

He posts a screenshot on his Instagram where Boity and Baby Tununu can be seen following him. He captions this post ‘I made it in life. A whole baby Tununu and a whole Boity in the same day’. It is super sweet of him to publicly appreciate this but we didn’t expect any less from Namibia’s sweetheart. 

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