[Watch]: Lioness On The Weirdest DM She's Ever Received

Wait, what?

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Being a celebrity comes with a lot of pros and cons. And while many seem to believe that they always have it easy, fans continue to prove that they are willing to do anything or even ask for anything from their fave celebrity. 

In a recent interview with Monochrome Magazine, rapper and medical doctor Lioness has since revealed some of the most weird messages that she has gotten. 

Now while she did not specify as to whether these DM’s were from fans or from past love interests, we have to agree that these were beyond cringe even for us.

“I’ve gotten a lot of explicit DM’s which is just strange. I’ve gotten a lot of hate speech as well of course, but the weirdest is probably somebody asking me to send them strange body parts… which is not like your normal… like ears which is just weird” 

In the video, Lioness is seen giggling at the end , and we have to agree, that is definitely a weird one. But hey she's a beautiful woman, that means her ears are too right? Well, whatever it is they wanted to do with a photo of Lioness’ ears we will never know.

This year has so far been looking good for the rapper who other than blessing us with some much needed hits, also recently announced that she was expectant and we could not be more proud of her. 

She recently took to her Instagram to finally debut her baby bump with her man in arm and what a sight for sore eyes they were! 

Fans and fellow industry mates have been showering her with congratulatory messages and we really cannot wait to meet her bundle of joy.

Lioness has also recently been on rant on her Twitter where she took to express her displeasure at the false rumors that were making rounds about her. 

Apparently, ever since her pregnancy announcement, word on the street has been that she cannot show up for a performance simply because she is pregnant. 

This did not sit too well with the rapper who immediately slammed the rumors saying that she was healthy and perfectly able to perform all her duties as well as her role as a doctor fully well. 

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