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She's one of the greatest female rappers in Namibia.

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Lioness studied medicine, she stays fashionable and has managed to remain as the top female rapper in the country.

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La-Toya Mwoombola, better known to many as Lioness, juggles her music and career as a doctor with ease, given the fact that she keeps dropping new music meticulously.

Here's Lioness's biography

Lioness Boyfriend

Well, for those that were crushing on Lioness, they were left with heart palpitations after the artist showed usher new man.

Lioness is known to be private when it comes to her life, but she's letting the fans in.

Lioness has a new man in her life and when the pair showed off their incredible bodies; social media users were left swooning over their picture.

After sharing a pic that left many happy for Lioness, a troll tried to get on Lioness's bad side by speaking negatively of her man, but Lioness wasn't having any of it.

In a short response she sent the troll packing.

Lioness Independent Artist

Namibian rapper Lioness, has opened up about how proud she is of herself for being an independent artist

It is no secret that being an independent artist has its own perks and downfalls, but if you get better guidance from the heavyweights of the industry, you can manage it and fulfill all your goals.

She did admit that it can get tough at most times, but she will always look back from where she's coming from and see what she's done. This will in turn keep her focused on her future goals.  

Lioness Royalties Threats

The music industry has always been a shady place when it comes to the dealings that take place outside of the spotlight. These dirtier dealings have been taking place almost in every genre and sometimes, it is difficult for artists to speak about them because of receiving end of slew threats or insults.

The latest victim is Lioness. The singer has come forward to share that some amateur producers have been threatening her for royalties.

In a tweet, she wrote

"I’m getting threats about royalties from these AMATEUR producers!! Please give me that smoke give it, please." 

But, it seems as if homegirl is ready to tackle this situation without fear as her tweet was supported by emojis of laughs.

Lioness Age

Her full name is Latoya Lucile Mwoombola. Lioness has never revealed her birth date to her fans, but it is known that she is 25 years old.  

Lioness Family

She has a sister Gina Jeanz who is a model, and producer. Sadly she lost her mother to ovarian cancer , who she pays tribute to in her single 'Meme'.

A young Lioness with her mother the late Dr Linea Nuugwedha

During an interview with People's Stories Project, she has this to say about her mother, ‘She did her law degree, got her PhD and raised my sister and I all on her own. I’m still in shock because my mother was the healthiest person I knew.’

Lioness Education

She obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree at the University of Namibia in 2018. Lioness said that she managed to get her degree in six years and no fails, skipping hospitals or studio sessions got in her way at all.

Lioness Career

Her interest in music started in 2008 when she would watch her sister, producer Gina Jeanz, make music. Lioness was then asked to participate in a female cypher at RUK Studios and the rest is history.

She performed at the ‘Lake Of Discovery’ arts festival in Kachere Kastle, Lake Malawi. It was a 3 day event that began on the 27th of September and ended on the 29th of September in 2019. The event featured South Africa’s Moonchild, Sangie Lazarus, RJ The DJ, Malinga, Praise Umali and DJ Lag along with many other African artists.

In 2018, Oteya and Lioness, collaborated on a single titled, DiMatta. 

Lioness has had the opportunity to work with other great artists from neighbouring countries. She appeared on the first Coca Cola Studio Session for 2019 with Boity from South Africa and Nazizi from Kenya and in the same year she released the single ‘Lastnight’ featuring Young DLC x Dizzo.

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2020 saw Lioness release her album, 'Wish You Were Here'. "'Wish You Were Here' is a song I wrote when I was infatuated with an ex partner of mine," Lioness told Complex.

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"It was a long-distance relationship where I felt very insecure about my position in his life. He had so many women who would drool over him. He had a bad history, and I thought I could be that safe haven and rehabilitation for him. My love was too advanced for him."

As her career keeps developing, Lioness would like to work with other artists to keep releasing great music. Locally she would love to work with Sally Boss Madam, Lady May, Top Cheri, Oteya, Gazza, Ngai, and Kboz.

In South Africa she would love to work with Priddy Ugly, Nasty C, Sho Madjozi, Tbo-za, Youngsta , Misscelanous from South Africa. As for the international ones, she like to go into the studio with ay-Z, Tyler the Creator, Lil Kim, Little Sims and Giggs.

Lioness Awards & Nominations

Her prowess in the media industry has most certainly not gone un-noticed and she has got the recognition that she deserves. Although she has not been in the industry for that long, she is determined of spreading her great music not only in Namibia, but throughout Africa.

2019 - Song of the Year at the NAMAs (Nomination)
2019 - Female Artist of the Year at the NAMAs (Won)
2020 - Best Music Video for Tala at the NAMAs(Nomination)
2020 - Best Hip Hop Song for Suace at the NAMAs (Nomination)

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Lioness Controversy

In 2019, fans of Namibian rap artiste Lioness took to social media to express their anger over her exclusion from a South African magazine article on a song she featured with fellow rappers, Boity and Nazizi.

A South African magazine ran an article entitled “Boity Spits Raps of Female Empowerment On ‘Switch It Up’ Single Ft. Nazizi”, which many of Lioness’ fans found inappropriate and disrespectful to the Namibian rapper. The article completely ignores Lioness' existence in the video and and only speaks about South Africa and Kenya rappers Boity Thulo and Nazizi.

Fellow artists also came in the chat supporting Lioness saying that she made the song a jam. King Tee Dee also expressed his grievances saying that the media only writes negative stories.

At one, it seemed like there were people who were not doing their job correctly and were misleading artists in the music business and Lioness had had enough. Lioness decided that she will not perform at any event from now on without the full agreed payment reflecting in her account.

Lioness Business

Lioness says Cilq by SynEdgy is a play on words which the collection is made off.  "Silk is basically the main component of the collection and it is after both our names," she said.

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She worked tirelessly with Simeone of SynEdgy for a period of at least five months to bring the collection to life. "We have been back and forth adding and removing designs trying to make it as simple as possible and making sure to incorporate women of all sizes. We also added adjustable straps so those that want to show some cleavage they can," she said.

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The CilqXSynedgy collection is unisex, for both men and women who want to look and feel great.

Lioness Brand Endorsements

Rapper Lioness secured a bag in 2019 as a brand ambassador for Top Score Super Maize Meal. The femcee first teased on her social media that something big was cooking and she was excited to share the news.

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In the social media ad she was seen braiding her hair in true African style with huge smiles on their faces and the brand appears at the bottom. It captured the authenticity of Namibia and every woman’s happy place, the second being the kitchen. 

Lioness knows how to command much attention from her fans and she does by giving them great music. She wants to keep building her career with giving the fans what they want, but at the same time making sure she does not compromise her standards, but remains relevant in the industry.

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