Lioness Shoots Her Shot At A Collabo With SA Musician Busiswa

Homegirl is never afraid to try new things.

By  | May 21, 2020, 11:54 AM

Namibian multi-award winning rapper Lioness, decided to shoot her shot at a collaboration with SA musician Busiswa. Busiswa is an award-winning artist who has carved out a remarkable music career in SA. The musician has even had the pleasure of working with Beyonce and she continues to be celebrated with her remarkable talent.

Commenting on Busiswa's post on Twitter, Lioness said "Yo Busiswa I’m a Namibian rapper. I would appreciate a feature with the queen can I send you ideas?

Her fans quickly tagged Busiswa and, although she hasn't responded as yet, we are still hopeful that she will respond anytime soon because she is a fellow African who loves our Namibian talent.

Busiswa recently won the hearts of many in the country, when she delivered a lit verse of DJ Dreas #5MinFinesse show. The musician made an appearance on the show and won the hearts of many.

Main Image Cred: Twitter
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