Lioness Like You Have Never Seen Her Before

The songstress dishes about her career

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Just when you thought you have figured out the musician in Lioness, she keeps surprising you. The singer recently had an interview with a London based entertainment company called Generation W on Twitter spaces, where she spoke in detail about her career and gave glimpses about her upbringing.

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The Interviewer asked the songstress about how did her name Lioness come about and she said it has something to do with her upbringing. "Lioness is sort of like a nickname, it started off as a nickname. And I always had like really big hair when I was growing up and everybody used to call me little lion. So it really just was something that stuck.

"At first when I started doing music I was not 100% committed because I did not know where it was going to go. Coming from Namibia which is such a small country, I was like what are the odds that it would stick. So I just took my nickname and I continued with it and as soon as I started I was like I am going to give it up or change my name but then it started gaining a little bit of traction, so I was like 'oops'," she laughed.

She explained that the more she wanted to change her name, the more traction and visibility she got as an artist. So as an independent artist it was difficult for her to do so because she felt as though she would have lose everything.

"I took a risk with just keeping a nickname that I got from childhood but it served me greatness I guess in some way or the other."

Lioness who basically started out as a rapper then describes her music as a different type of rap so she would stand out from the rest. "Wherever I go I aim to try and be different. I started off rapping then I realised I want more out of this. I want more out of my brand and my artistry." 

She then tried to incorporate her other passions into her music such as ballet and dance so a unique sound in music got invented. 

Lioness also explained why she incorporates the Namibian language more into her music which is mainly to bring awareness to the small country. 

"Since I mentioned that you know, Namibia is a very small country, with obviously huge talents here, I also wanted to bring an identity to where I am from because people cannot even spot Namibia, which I do not blame them for. How can I make this beautiful language something people remember and be curious about." 

In terms of her future, Lioness says she is optimistic to have more performances outside the country and raise awareness for many artists in the country and be great together and grow the Nam music scene. 

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