Lioness Hypes Up New Song Release

Not The Same by Lioness to be released on June 7

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The Dr and Lioness of Pride of Cilq album maker has been cooking up a jam that, just by hearing 13 seconds of it is already a certified hit. The track that is titled Not The Same will be released on the 7th June and Lioness has her marketing cap on creating hype for it.

Lioness who has been doing the most the couple of months both is genuinely on the roll and is surely marking her territory in the industry and we stan!
The Meme singer released a snippet of her new single Not The Same on all her social media platforms and on Wednesday, she eventually let us in with a sneak peek of what the song sounds like with the caption 'no more Dr nice guy'. From the little bit that is posted, Lioness in the song she says:

"People need to understand that women do not conform anymore. We are not complacent,"

We don't know who the song might be for but one thing for sure is that everyone will be jamming to it and will appreciate it too. 7 June is kind of far for the wait but it will be worth it!

Lioness has been busy lately with her new fashion project that features SynEdgy called Cilq x synEdgy and in her own words, a collection that is by Namibians for Namibians. The Cilq x synEdgy collection is unisex, for both men and women who want to look and feel great.

"I just want everyone to feel sexy, rich, luxurious and Namibian," she said in a previous interview with Nalebrity.

Although everything is good in the Lioness camp, a South African based magazine SA Hip Hop Magazine did try Lioness when they did not mention her in an article on the Coke Studio song Switch It Up featuring Nazizi from Kenya and Boity Thulo from South Africa. Lioness spoke her mind on the matter and moved on. The magazine is yet to respond to the matter.

We await on 7 June for Not The Same! Keep a close eye on Lioness social media accounts in case she lets us in on the song!

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