Lioness Drops A New Single!

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Lioness has finally released her new single ‘Superstar’! We have all been waiting for the song to drop and it is here at last. The visuals are also going to be released soon and we couldn’t be more excited.

Lioness has been counting down the days and so have we. She started hyping us up over a week ago but the wait is finally over. She announced the release of her single a few hours ago and it has already received a lot of love from fans.
The rapper has successfully juggled between her two careers, a singer and a doctor. She is one of the few musicians whose presence immediately grabs the attention of the audience around her. 

Her determination and hard work have not gone unnoticed and she has been given the recognition she deserves in the industry. Despite not having been a part of the industry for a long time, Lioness has set her eyes on being one of the greatest female rappers in Namibia, as well as all over Africa. 

Lioness has had a very impressive career and has been releasing bangers since she stepped foot in the industry. Her last album was released in 2020 titled Wish You Were Here. The album was a result of her inspiration from personal experiences she faced in her private and professional life. 

The album meant a lot to her and was an incredible success. 2020 had been a mixed year for her but the pandemic did not stop her from achieving greatness in her career. She made a name for herself as a respected female rapper in the country, celebrated her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, and launched a clothing brand.

We hope that 2021 is as good as last year for her and so far, it seems to be that way. In January of this year, she took to Twitter to announce that she was working on an exciting new project. She tweeted ‘19 February bih!! Ahhh I’m spazzing for this project’.

She also announced the date of release of her new single on Instagram. She posted a picture with the caption ‘I’m so proud to announce my official single for the start of the year will be dropping 19 February!!!’ and thanked everyone involved in the making of the single and its soon to be released video. 

The day finally arrived and a few hours ago, she announced the release of her new single on her social media channels. She also announced that the music video for the song would be released soon. 

People took to the comment section to praise the rapper and let her know that they absolutely loved the song. Giving us a sneak peek into the music video, this new single is just another hit from the talented female rapper.

The title of the song aptly describes what she is, a superstar and we cannot wait to see what she brings to the table next!

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