Lioness Celebrates Her Daughter's 1st Birthday

Little miss Maliyah Hamutenya makes her first trip around the sun

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Lioness celebrates her daughter Maliyah Hamutenya's first birthday! The rapper and all round Nam media personality shared a short clip of her and her husband bringing Maliyah home for the first time.

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Lioness describes Maliyah's first trip around the sun as a journey, "The first day I brought you home! We’ve been on a journey since. I’ve never known a love like this! My happy, healthy, dancing baby. Happy 1st birthday Maliyah Hamutenya," she captioned her video.

Maliyah was greeted by the entire family including their 2 pets.

Lioness and her husband Miguel Hamutenya welcomed their baby girl last year and she revealed that she kept her pregnancy a secret for 7 months. She and her hubby met over 17 years ago and have been going strong ever since.

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Gushing over him, Lioness wrote on Instagram, "You've always cultivated me, made me better, taught me hard lessons and painful truths. Your work ethic is unbelievable, and even though I had this drive, you made me want to push harder."

Their wedding celebration was held at the Droombos lodge. Organised by Evgeniia of The Splendid Wedding Company, her gorgeous dress was designed by South African fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee.

Here's why the medical doctor kept it away from prying eyes, “I kept it away from the blogs and media because I had never been so happy to keep this joy between me, my family and friends. Yesterday, we solidified our blessings in front of the people that make up this foundation,” she wrote on Instagram.

Lioness has a lot to celebrate. She recently kicked off International Women's Day with a milestone of Building her own home studio after 2 years! "It took 2 years to complete my home studio.  A place I feel safe to create, to explore, to fail and rise. Becoming a mother has made me reevaluate my music taste, intention and everything in between. I’m ready for the next chapter," gushed Lioness.

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Also waiting for the joy of being a mother is DJ Seboa who is heavily pregnant. "Welcome to my birthday month. So many beautiful things await my short little self. I'm happy and excited and scared," she shared. "Last but not least, today we celebrate L I F E . I’m officially off the calendar, and adding someone to the calendar."

Maria Nepembe recently celebrated her as she awaits the arrival of her baby, "My dear friend Abby. I hope your life is exactly what you hoped it would be at this particular juncture. You are the most free spirited person I know. Always ready for a good time. Always laughing (even in the worst possible situations). You seldom get angry and when you do, not for long. One thing I admire about you the most is your fearlessness. Girl, how you just pack up and move abroad??? Like are you normal???  I remember trying to convince you not to go because I was so worried about you. But look at you now. Glowing, flourishing and PREGNANT!!!!" said Maria.

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