How These Celebrity Mothers Celebrated Themselves

These mother's are killing it!

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Yesterday was a day dedicated to mothers and these Naimibian beauties who understand their roles in society, spared no expense in celebrating their day. We take a look at some of the mothers who decided spoil themselves on Mother's Day.

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Musician Oteya is a mother of two and deserves all the praise she could get. The music icon has a boy and a girl, named Amir and Malaika and dedicating a post to them, she said, "Although you came thru me, you came from God. Happy Mother's day to us."

With Malaika, her second pregnancy, she apparently wanted to keep it a secret until a much later stage. But could not help but announce the good news a day after giving birth. “I was blessed with a baby girl on my birthday. Her name is Malaika,” Even her husband Sula Kyababa could not keep his mouth shut about the pregnancy. He told The Namibian that she had a healthy pregnancy. “Oteya wanted a girl. Malaika's birth is certainly the biggest gift from God. She had a healthy pregnancy and we are excited,” Kyababa said.


Although babyfluencer arrived a month ago, Twinfluencers introduced him or her tiny hand and gushed over the baby.

Celebrating Mother's Day the twins announced that they welcomed the bundle of joy. "I felt you, I held you, I then realized that I would spend the rest of my life doing things to make you happy and that would make me happy. We’re growing together. We are seeing the world like it’s new. I will open up my heart and love will rain down all over you. You will giggle and I will do it all over again. We will walk hand in hand until you let go.

"I made you but you made me mom. And no matter how much I say I love you, I will always love you more than that. Welcome on Earth babyfluencer."

Taylor Jaye

Award-winning Namibian singer, songwriter, producer and actress Taylor Jaye celebrated her mother instead for the special day. She penned a sweet message which said, "Happy Mother’s Day to my day one Queen momma @imelta0331 my foundation. And Happy Mother’s Day in heaven to my second pillar that raised me my Ouma Suko.

"And Happy Mother’s Day to the Queen matriarchs of my family, y’all are our ribs and to all my beautiful sisters and friends who are mothers y’all are rockstars and to all the mothers around the world may the Grace continue to abide in you because what you do is not easy, be blessed always in Jesus mighty name!"

New mommy Lioness stunned with a video clip of her performing just after giving birth. The rapper is known as one of the best performers in the country and to uphold her title, she had to give birth and get back to work.

Dressed in a short orange dress and some heels, Lioness tore the stage apart with this performance.

She captioned the video, "I just had a baby and this performance was dedicated to all the beautiful moms and mother figures. Happy Mother’s Day."

She then sent a sweet message to mommies saying they should understand and accept that it is not easy. But she just does it so they can see that they are very capable of doing it, "I need other mothers to understand that it’s NOT easy! I just do it because I want to remind you that you are CAPABLE!"

Lioness also just flaunted her baby bump on the cover of You Magazine and did she not stun. The mommy has a lot to celebrate other than just being a mom. She appeared on magazine covers, international interviews and appeared on Apple Music's coming soon tab. 

All this was made possible by her being authentic and being herself so much. In one interview she said, "At first when I started doing music I was not 100% committed because I did not know where it was going to go. Coming from Namibia which is such a small country, I was like what are the odds that it would stick. So I just took my nickname and I continued with it and as soon as I started I was like I am going to give it up or change my name but then it started gaining a little bit of traction, so I was like 'oops'," she laughed.

"I took a risk with just keeping a nickname that I got from childhood but it served me greatness I guess in some way or the other."

"Wherever I go I aim to try and be different. I started off rapping then I realised I want more out of this. I want more out of my brand and my artistry."

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