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Lioness on a roll as she launches her exclusive fashion collection

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We live in a world where everyone can be whatever they want to be compared to what the elders went through. It is even more fantastic that this 'whatever' one wants to be can be in the arts and creative sphere, the black sheep of all careers in Namibia. This creative independence where artists marry their talents with other industries will hopefully allow artists and entertainers alike to have financial stability and at the same time, give their fans more than just music.

For a while now, it seems like the new musicians are entering a world where they are able to make additional money, and most of it has to do with fashion and not in the t-shirt slapped with their names kind of way that went on in the early 2000s. This is hardcore and genuine collaborations that birth and in this case of rapper Lioness and designer of brand SynEdgy, a collection that is mature and vivid.
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Lioness says Cilq by SynEdgy is a play on words which the collection is made off.  "Silk is basically the main component of the collection and it is after both our names," she said.

According to Lioness whose first international collaboration visuals dropped last weekend, she has been working tirelessly with Simeone of SynEdgy for the past five months to bring the collection to life.

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"We have been back and forth adding and removing designs trying to make it as simple as possible and making sure to incorporate women of all sizes. We also added adjustable straps so those that want to show some cleavage they can," she said.
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The CilqXSynedgy collection is unisex, for both men and women who want to look and feel great.
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"We are trying to add some more items on the male designs. I just want everyone to feel sexy, rich, luxurious and Namibian," she said.

On why she worked with SynEdgy, Lioness who has worked with the designer previously said that she was impressed with his previous collection and she just had to work with him.
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"SynEdgy made an outstanding collection last year that made me ask him to work with him. It might be a once off collection as it is an exclusive," she concluded.

More details as to when the collection will be made available and the prices will be provided in due course but so long, one can keep up and indulge their eyes on what CilqXSynedgy have to offer by following their Instagram account.

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