Lioness: 'A Child Is Not A Measure Of Anything'

"I think it the most intrusive question that you can ask any woman"

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Rapper and medical doctor Lioness has responded to a fan who asked her when is she going to have her first child.

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It is no secret that the topic of conceiving a baby sometimes can be very sensitive to many people hence Lioness needed to address it and the good thing is that she is a doctor and she understands who sensitive it can be. This follows after she recently had a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram and one fan asked her when is she expecting her firstborn. The rapper responded by asking the fan when is she having theirs.

We do know if some continued to ask her, the rapper decided to upload a video on her Instagram stories telling fans to stop asking people when are they going to have their children.

"Please don't be going around asking people when are they going to have children. I think it the most intrusive question that you can ask any woman  because you do not understand her circumstances and a child is not a measure of anything," she said
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Lioness and her boyfriend recently celebrated their 1st anniversary. Lioness posted a series of Instagram stories with her bae looking smitten. In one video she is seen laying on her boyfriend's back. looking all loved-up and cute. The lovebirds also painted a portrait of Lioness.

Although she has found love, Lioness has not shared any intentions of starting a family and she is focusing on her music career and her work. In other news, the rapper and Top Cheri recently exchanged tweets after Top Cheri was seemingly sub-tweeting her on Twitter.

Top Cheri claims that Lioness offered to hire her former manager because she assumed her manager is the one who has been doing wonders for her in her illustrious career but said it is not her manager but her.

"My Colleagues will c sum1 working for me and they start making the person offers a hiring them for this an that ... assuming that’s the person “doing the things”! They never get the results! cos the person “doing the things” is ME!  Hire me and my God dzarling," she wrote.

Lioness caught wind of her tweet and shuu, sis did not let it slide. The rapper clapped back and said if she is mature enough she will address her off Twitter. Lioness debunked the allegation that she hired Top Cheri's manager and said her manager is the one who came to her.

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