KP Illest Says Entertainers Are Not Normal People

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Kamaaizemi KP Illest Hoveka has just dropped his much-anticipated album titled Kill Your Television Vol 4” and judging from the reactions, it is definitely a banger.

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Speaking to The Namibian, KP said, the title of the mixtape came at a time when he could not afford to shoot music videos and has seen him exploring different sounds and styles.

"He says this particular project was necessary to release as a reminder to many that he is still around and that he is a rapper with more than just a few comedic bars and punchlines. I think it goes without saying that entertainers are not normal people"⠀

KP told the Namibian that he felt like he needed to prove to himself and other people that he is still around, very much busy and working as hard as he has always worked, "It's probably my ego, but I felt I had to prove my versatility and my ability as a rapper"

KP recently took to Instagram to thank people for the support he has been receiving for his album. He said, "Thank you all for helping make this project one of my best yet. I do it for all the people that listen to my music and the responses mean the world to me. Big thank you to my release partners"

KP Illest is one of the most popular rappers in the country. He rose to fame after winning the Sprite Urban Expression competition in 2011. He featured as the Hype Magazine SA’s hottest newcomer in 2013 after releasing his debut mixtape ‘Kill Your Television Volume 1’. 

He then became Namibia’s most promising young hip-hop artist. He then released his first studio EP titled ‘Memoirs of a Dreamer’ in which he infused jazz and hip-hop. It was the first Namibian hip-hop compilation that was made available across international digital stores and was the number one hip-hop album on iTunes for two weeks.

Over the years he has seen a lot of success in his music career and has been the talk of the town ever since his music video ‘Jealousy’ with Maria Nepembe. They have been spotted together a lot, and there have been rumors about them dating from time to time. 

Maria recently spilled the tea on whether she would smash KP Illest. This follows after she hosted a smash or pass game with Shaiyah for her YouTube channel.

Responding to the question she said " I think KP would probably be the only person I would smash in real life on this list, he's hot, he has a very good heart, he would make a great husband and father and he is the kind of dudes I'm into," she said.

KP Illest and Maria have been rumored to be an item ever since his music video ‘Jealousy’ with Maria Nepembe. The two have been spotted together a lot and rumors gained momentum that they are dating.

One thing we know, these two definitely make a beautiful couple. It would be a win for the both of them.

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