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After opening for Black Eyed Peas he went back home to elevate his craft

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KP Illest is one of the musicians who have been in the music industry since a young age.

He made his debut in the music industry at the age of 15 and travelled to the U.K to open for the music group Black Eyed Peas.

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Here is how the KP Illest rose to his full potential as a musician, 

KP Illest Age

KP Illest was born on the 26th of December in 1993, the year is unknown. He is 27 years old this year. 

KP Illest Early life

The Kenyan born artist KP Illest's real name, Kamaaizemi Hoveka, was raised in Namibia. He was raised by a single mother and has 10 siblings.

KP Illest's love for music was always there from a young age as he and his family had a musical upbringing. 

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KP Illest Career 

His climb to fame has been a memorable one, as he kick-started his career in 2008. He whisked everyone's hearts during his rise to fame, which shortly paid off as he won the Sprite Urban Expression competition in 2011.

Earning the title of being an artist amongst artists, KP Illest was awarded an all-expense-paid trip to the United Kingdom and a chance to open up for the Black Eyed Peas at the Wireless Festival.

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KP Illest released his debut mixtape "Kill Your Television Volume 1", in 2013. This allowed him to become Hype Magazine SA's hottest newcomer of 2013, and with that came the title of being Namibia's most promising young hip hop artist. 

In 2014, KP Illest dropped his first studio EP titled "Memoirs of a Dreamer", infusing jazz and Hip Hop to his unique sound. The "Memoirs of a Dreamer" EP was the first Namibian Hip Hop compilation to be made available across international digital stores and made it on the number one Hip Hop album on iTunes for two weeks.

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Two years later in 2016 KP released his third mixtape titled "Kill Your Television Volume 3", it was through this song that KP got nominated at the NAMAs in 2016 and won the award for the best song with a message, along with a nomination for Best Hip Hop 2016.

It is safe to say that the artist had a bright future ahead of himself, as he took the industry by storm during the year 2017 when he released his debut album 'Price of Ambition'. This album provided him with the big break and opened doors for the artist in the mainstream.

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KP Illest released another single titled ‘Hold This’ in this song he expressed and spoke about choosing to abide by no rules and to not conform to the stereotypical rapper's lifestyle of wild nights and even wilder women.

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In 2018 KP performed with Lioness a fellow Namibian artist at the Eunice Music Festival.

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KP released an album titled "Faith and Favour" which was a 13-track album that includes features by Kenny K, Monique English and Skrypt, as well as South African vocalist Cyber and international Nigerian musician Ice Prince.

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He released the music video ‘Jealousy’ in 2020 which was directed by fellow Namibian celebrity Maria Nepembe.

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KP Illest Awards & Nominations

  • As one of the best upcoming artists in the country, KP Illest has got so much recognition for his work. 

Here's a list of awards and nominations he's received over the years.

  • 2016 - Best Song With A Message at NAMAs (Won)
  • 2016 - Best Hip Hop NAMAs (Nominated)
  • 2020 - Male Artist of the Year at the NAMAs (Nominated)
  • 2020 - Best Collaboration at the NAMAs (Nominated)
  • 2020 - Best Producer at the NAMAs (Nominated)
  • 2020 - Best Afro-Pop at the NAMAs (Nominated)
  • 2020 - Best Album at the NAMAs (Nominated)

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KP Illest Philanthropy

In 2019, KP Illest was amongst other artists who were part and parcel of the MTC Knockout GBV project. 

The initiative focused on fighting Gender-Based Violence in hopes to eradicate this social ill. NAMDIA Foundation became the first corporate to sponsor N$ 50 000 and has chosen Luis Munana, who wient against Dnaff for the cruiserweight title, as their branded personality.

”Violence against women and children is an extreme manifestation of gender inequality and systemic gender-based discrimination. The right of women and children to live free of violence depends on the protection of their human rights and a strong chain of justice.” said Sven von Blottnitz from Namdia.

KP Illest Controversy

In 2020, KP Illest tweeted something that left everyone asking for more, in response to Kaboy Kamakili's Instagram when he was addressing the bad blood between himself and fellow artist - King Tee Dee. This came after Kaboy accused King Tee Dee of stealing his shows and neglecting his work. 

In response to the Instagram post, KP Illest threw shade at Kaboy by quoting his post and said "don't believe everything you read", implying that Kaboy's allegations towards King Tee Dee were false.

KP Illest posted a screenshot of Kaboy's post and said we must read the last seven words on the post. 

This had many convinced that Kaboy was also lying.
It seems like KP Illest doesn't take well to social media criticism as it was evident that he was caught in his feelings when fellow artist Sam E Lee Jones commented on one of KP Illest's songs and said, "you might need to change your verse a little". 

KP Illest didn't think it was a joke and struck back immediately and the beef became like a car wash hard to look away.

The rapper twitter " Some of ya'll say the most insensitive and stupid shit regarding people's love and passion but when your cause is insulted you want the world to stop and cry! criticize to build not just because you have small popularity on twitter and want to grow it by being insensitive."

KP Illest Brand Endorsement

After working on a song with Ice Prince, KP Illest has been doing some extra work to get his brand up and running. He signed to be the face of Predator Energy drink

In September of 2019, he made this public announcement on social media as he expressed how excited and happy he was to join the Predator Energy, drink family. 

“God bless the journey with the new Family. Thank you for the chance to carry this new flag to the world and to make the brand bigger”.

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KP Illest has proven to rise through all odds, opening and breaking through all the media doors to get his music and art heard by many. It is without a doubt that the artist's future is bright.

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