KP Illest and Maria Nepembe’s Behind The Scenes Video Has Fans Talking

They Work Well Together!

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KP Illest recently posted a video giving us a little behind the scenes action on the recording of his song Highway with Maria Nepembe. The two have worked together before and paired up once again to release this banger. 

The song Highway was released last year and was an immediate hit. KP Illest has decided to make short behind the scenes videos for each track. He mentions in the comment section when a follower asks the purpose behind the video that it is ‘just to give people insight into the process and all the different places and stories behind each track my bro’.

This video is the first episode of the Predator Mode series. It gives us an insight into the making of the song Highway and the video has received positive reactions from those that saw it. 

The video, however, did not help the previous rumors of KP Illest and Maria Nepembe. There were claims that the two had been in a relationship after a photoshoot that they did together. 

They claim to be just friends but not all the fans believe that. Posting a behind the scenes of the photoshoot on his Instagram story, KP Illest seems to only add fuel to the fire. It got everyone talking as the two looked quite cozy with each other. 

This is not all. Maria Nepembe’s birthday also caused the rumors to stir up. For the lovely Maria, the artist and her rumored boyfriend, KP Illest, wrote a heartfelt message that got all the fans swooning over them. 

This video posted by KP Illest is yet another example of why we think the two would make a very cute couple. There a few comments talking about the two about of them. One wrote ‘Maria&Kpillest 👌 perfect match.....please work it out 🙈👏👏👏’ while another observant fan commented ‘Shes blushing 😍’.

It is clear that the fans want nothing more than the two of them to work it out and finally get together. We could not agree more. In the video, Maria can be seen smiling really wide while hiding her face. Her gorgeous smile cannot be hidden as it peaks through her hand covering her face.

Maria also posted an Instagram story of the IGTV video confessing that she was really shy throughout the whole shoot. It is cute to see them work so well together. 

Maria Nepembe's Instagram Story

Towards the end, the two of them can be seen goofing around together as their excitement regarding their new song cannot be contained. They may not be in a relationship but they do have good chemistry together and certainly are close friends. The song is proof of the magic they create when they get together.

KP Illest plans on releasing many such videos in the Predator Mode series. We love to see what goes into putting a song together and cannot wait to see more such sneak peek videos. Posting them as IGTV videos on his Instagram under the Predator Mode series, he has fans waiting for more!

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