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Here is what you need to know about Namibia's king of Kwaito - King Tee Dee.

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King Tee Dee, who was formerly known as The Dogg, is Namibia’s most successful artist.

He has achieved a lot of things in the music industry, even working with international stars and helping upcoming musicians in the country. He holds more awards than any other Namibian musician.

He is the first Namibian artist to write his own autobiography Ther Dogg: Untold Story. He released it in April 2013.

Since starting his music professional music career in 2003, King Tee Dee has managed to remain one of the top-selling artists in Namibia.

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Here's King Tee Dee's biography and how he keeps making waves in Namibia. 

King Tee Dee Giveaway

Award-winning musician and entrepreneur King Tee Dee, had to clap back at a fan who seemingly dented his mood recently. This follows after the good homie was feeling generous again with his giveaway competitions.

The muso whose brand Mshasho was recently recognized by Brand Africa as the most admired brand in Namibia posted on Twitter that, he is giving away with a cute fanny pack.

King Tee Dee said the first person to get 700 retweets by Monday, will walk away with his red and stylish fanny pack.  A fan slammed him and said, if he can't get 30 retweets, how does he expect fans to get 700 retweets.

King Tee Dee gave a swift response;

There is never a dull moment on Twitter. 

King Tee Dee Fights Covid-19

The multi-talented and award-winning musician King Tee Dee has advised his followers, to stay away from coronavirus. The country also went under lockdown and people were advised to stay in their homes to try and flatten the spread of the virus.

In an Instagram post, he said: "Hello. Let's still stay at home far away from Corona!! Wash your hands at all times."

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He even advised people to get masks and protects themselves.

The whole world is in panic mode because of the pandemic and recently there was a whole debate going on, on social media, that the vaccine should be tested in Africa. This has had many people in Africa rise up in arms against such a proposal by.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also slammed comments made by scientists, suggesting that a vaccine should be tested in Africa. WHO said, those remarks were racist and a hangover from the colonial mentality. Many have also come out to say that Africa is not a testing ground and King Tee Dee is one of them.

King Tee Dee Age

King Tee Dee’s real name is Morocky Mbwaluh. He was born on March 31 in 1983 in Zambia.

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King Tee Dee Family

King Tee Dee was born while his mother was in exile in Zambia. He only returned to Namibia when he was six years old. 

He grew up in Onayena Village in the Oshikoto region and was raised by his uncle Vilho and his wife Ruusa.

He has three siblings and is the last born of the family.

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After returning to Namibia, his mom went to work in Windhoek, leaving King Tee Dee and his siblings to be raised by their father. He refused to stay with his father and ran away from home.

The He He He hitmaker wrote in his autobiography that he ran away from home to avoid being raised by his father whom he says was abusive and an alcoholic. He says he is grateful to have been raised by his uncle, whom he says was a man of principle. The King says his uncle contributed to making him the man he is today.

King Tee Dee's mother died in 1992 and the musician speaks very fondly of her. He even dedicated a song ‘Mama’ in his first album to her.

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After dropping out of university in his first year to pursue music as a career, his family chased him away from home and didn’t speak to him for five years. He told NUST FM that the family accused him of being a thug and a drug user, which he claims he has never used.

It was only until he started working on a campaign with the president of Namibia when he says he received a call from a family member and managed to fix his relationship with his family.

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King Tee Dee Wife

King Tee Dee is married to Nomvula.

The couple tied the knot in 2015 after dating for over a decade. They had a lavish white wedding.

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In September 2019, the couple celebrated their fourth year wedding anniversary. King Tee Dee took to social media to praise his wife and thank her for giving birth to their children.

“Happy 4th anniversary to us, my beautiful wife, you are the most beautiful woman I know & I love you so so much, sometimes I do things that make you sad and unhappy but always remember that I love more than you can imagine. You gave me three gifts (MAGANO, Unathi & Luana) that I will cherish for the rest of my life.. I love u” he wrote on Instagram.

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King Tee Dee Children

King Tee Dee and his wife Nomvula have three children - Magano, Unathi & Luana.

He is a proud father and often shares pictures of himself and the kids on his social media pages.

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King Tee Dee Music

King Tee Dee broke into the music scene with his album Shimaliw' Osatana in 2004. The album won him the Sanlam/NBC Music Awards for Best Selling Artist, Best Kwaito and Artist of the Year. This first album set the tone for the rest of his music career. To date, he has won more than 20 awards including international ones.

He discovered that he could sing while singing in the shower. In an interview with Nust FM, he says one of his friends heard him sing and encouraged him to sing at school during their morning devotion. 

Although the star says he didn’t take singing seriously, he decided to partake in a festival at school and after doing just one song, he says the crowd went crazy and the girls were running after him. This was a major confidence boost and made him realise that he is musically talented.

From there he went to study at the University of Namibia. Even at university, King Tee Dee took part in a music festival and says many people were impressed with his singing. This led to Castle Lager calling him on tour.

To date, he has managed to stay consistent in his music and has released many award-winning songs. He has 11 albums and is the highest-selling artist in Namibia.

Apart from music, King Tee Dee has his own clothing brand, Mshasho.

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He has big plans for his clothing brand and is hoping to see it being sold all over the world in major retail stores such as Edgars.

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King Tee Dee is also a health ambassador for the Smart Cut campaign which is a government initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of male circumcision.

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Sadly, the Namibian legend will no longer be releasing albums. In 2018, he held a music concert  28.09.19 to thank his fans for supporting him.  He announced that he will be dropping the mic to concentrate on his record label Mshasho, his clothing brand and doing music production for other artists.

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King Tee Dee Controversy

In February 2019, King Tee Dee released The One I love single featuring Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

Just two months after the release, Diamond Platnumz released his own version of the song. Not only did he rename it to The One, but he also replaced King Tee Dee's verse with another one by himself in Kiswahili.

Giving an explanation for why Diamond Platnumz released his own version, his management said: "King Tee Dee can make his own version and so can Diamond Platnumz. If any artist wants to remake the song, they can be provided they contact Lizer Classic the beat producer.”

However, King Tee Dee didn’t seem impressed with the release and said he was ‘shocked’.

King Tee Dee Cars

The King drives a Range Rover.

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In March 2018, he shared on Instagram that he has been appointed as the face of Range Rover Namibia.

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We wish him all the best in his endeavours.

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