King Tee Dee Visits The Mother Land

"We move and you still in bed"

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King Tee Dee has made his way to the Mother Land and judging from his post it might not be all work and no play. Nam's favourite rapper is currently in Cape Town, South Africa and is enjoying the time of his life.

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Letting his fans in on his trip to Cape Town, King Tee Dee, formerly known as Dogg, shared some snippets from trip to the beautiful city. He then hyped his hustling spirits up and said while he works, other people are sleeping, "We move and you still in bed...Hustling is my middle name."
He was recently was jamming to 

AKA's song The World Is Yours, and gave him a shout out on Twitter. King Tee Dee then gave fans a piece of advice, "Don't forget where u going please and coming from. Opportunities come ones in a life time," he said.
King Tee Dee, like many other successful people has some haters so he bashed them and put them in their place. "Only God can judge me. Love me or leave me alone," he advised. 

His fans even defended him and said the disrespect he gets is very wrong,
@nallyoletu said, "King Tee Dee might not be making hits anymore, but the disrespect he gets on here isn't justifiable. Guy has been there and has done it all, and that's one thing y'all can't deny. Even some of your new faves still look up to him, he will always remain an inspiration to them."

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Another star making moves in Namibia is Lioness. She is not only a rapper, but she is also a mother, businesswoman, doctor and cover girl. In a recent interview with a London based entertainment company called Generation W on Twitter spaces, she 'stripped herself naked' and spoke about her artistry, "Lioness is sort of like a nickname, it started off as a nickname. And I always had like really big hair when I was growing up and everybody used to call me little lion. So it really just was something that stuck.

"At first when I started doing music I was not 100% committed because I did not know where it was going to go. Coming from Namibia which is such a small country, I was like what are the odds that it would stick. So I just took my nickname and I continued with it and as soon as I started I was like I am going to give it up or change my name but then it started gaining a little bit of traction, so I was like 'oops'," she laughed.

"I took a risk with just keeping a nickname that I got from childhood but it served me greatness I guess in some way or the other."

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