King Tee Dee Showcases Another One Of His Hidden Talents

He is a very multi- talented man

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King Tee Dee was thrust into the music industry several years ago and he has managed to solidify himself as one of Namibia's biggest stars with a legion of fans.

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The musician who has carved out an inspiring music career took to Instagram to showcase his soccer skills and showed the masses that he has another hidden talent, which is soccer.

In the video he shared, one could see that the good homie is gifted with his legs and he is not an amateur. King Tee Dee could be seen enjoying the sport whilst playing with another male person and he wished the Brave Warriors in Mali the best of luck for their match.

King Tee Dee and wife, Nomvula Mapolombo Mbwaluh recently hosted an auspicious ceremony for their daughter Luana Mbwaluh, who has fully been ushered into the Catholic faith.

King Tee Dee shared a series of snaps from the auspicious occasion on his social media which featured the toddler nestled peacefully as the priest was about to pour the holy water over her head.

In the image shared of the moment, Luana, looks to be peacefully sleeping while being held over the basin.  The post went on to reveal who King Tee Dee and Nomvula have decided on having as godparents to their little daughter.

The musician recently trended after Young T recently fired shots at him, Sunny Boy, KP Illest, Dion from PDK, Exit, Sunny Boy, D Kandjafa.

In a video he posted on Instagram the rapper can be seen rapping and calling King Tee Dee "Queen Tee Dee", "Queen Tee Dee he knows I am a f*cking rider'' he raps in the video.

The rapper also said he cannot be compared to KP Illest, D Kandjafa, Exit, and Sunny Boy and also shaded the NAMAs.

Young T left everyone shooketh to the core when he took to Instagram in 2019, pleading with King Tee Dee to leave him alone after he apparently went to consult and traditional doctors apparently told him that King Tee Dee has been bewitching him.

As soon as he made the allegations fans started praying for him and his post received mixed reactions as fans defended King Tee Dee. Now just recently the rapper apologized to King Tee Dee. In an Instagram post, he captioned his post "I'm sorry Young T WokOngha," but King Tee Dee chose to mize him on social media.

Image Cred: Instagram @Kingteedee
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