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King Tee Dee, King Tee Dee
Martin Morocky Mbwaluh, better known as King Tee Dee and formerly The Dogg, is one of Namibia’s giants as far as the music industry is concerned, and he is justly the King of Kwaito.

Throughout his career as a musician, producer, and businessman, King Tee Dee has accumulated wealth to become the richest musician in Namibia

Let’s take a look at King Tee Dee’s net worth and the sources of income that can be attributed to the musician’s incredible wealth.

What is King Tee Dee’s net worth?

Different sources provide different values for King Tee Dee’s net worth. However, the most credible sources indicate King Tee Dee’s net worth as between $1-5 million dollars making him one of the wealthiest entertainers in Namibia.

Let’s now look at each of King Tee Dee’s sources of income and how they have helped build his net worth.

King Tee Dee’s music

King Tee Dee, source: Instagram

King Tee Dee is one of the biggest names in Namibia’s music industry, and some might even call him a musical legend.

The artist who hasn’t released any new music for a while now officially began his music career with his first hit Jesus Otati in 2003, shortly after quitting college.

His first song was well received and won him the Best Kwaito song of the year and the Artist of the Year Award at the coveted Sanlam-NBS Awards in 2003. His triumphant entry into the music industry would be the stepping stone to the immense success that followed King Tee Dee’s career.

As of 2023, King Tee Dee has about 11 albums and over 20 awards to his name, and he is the most-awarded musician in Namibia.

The money earned through live performances, licenses, royalties, and awards has contributed significantly to King Tee Dee’s net worth.

Mshasho productions

Apart from singing, King Tee Dee also dabbles as a music producer under his Mshasho Productions (MP) label.

Along with being responsible for kickstarting the careers of some famous musicians, including Sunny Boy, OmPuff, and Chipolopolo, Mshasho Productions has also produced all of King Tee Dee’s albums except his debut album.

Mshasho clothing

King Tee Dee in Mshasho clothing, source: Facebook

Together with his music production label, King Tee Dee is also invested in the fashion industry and owns a clothes and accessories brand called Mshasho clothing brand, which was founded in 2003 along with Mshasho Productions.

In 2020, the Mshasho clothing brand, which specializes in clothes and accessories for men, women and children, was recognized as the most admired brand in Namibia by Brand Africa.

The proceeds from the Mshasho franchise of production and clothing have also helped grow King Tee Dee’s net worth.

Mshasho insurance

Recently, King Tee Dee launched his latest project- an insurance company called Mshasho Insurance.

Shortly after King Tee Dee launched his insurance company, NAMFISA (Namibian Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority) publicly revealed that Mshasho Insurance was not registered by them and warned members of the public against working with the insurance company.

It is not clear whether Mshasho Insurance has started its operations officially.

King Tee Dee endorsements

As one of the most prolific musicians in Namibia, King Tee Dee is one of the most in-demand brand ambassadors in the country.

Over the years, he has worked with some big brands, including Range Rover and Standard Bank. His partnership with these companies has helped King Tee Dee’s account grow.

What car does King Tee Dee drive?

King Tee Dee's car, source: Facebook

It is reported that King Tee Dee drives a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz GT, and an Audi 3, which are branded with customized Mshasho number plates.

In 2021, he posted a picture of himself next to a brand-new Porsche that left many debating whether it belonged to him or not. Although the musician never confirmed whether the car was his or not, with his net worth, he could absolutely afford it.

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