King Tee Dee Receives His Flowers

"Mans ain’t released an album in years but still a force to reckon with"

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King Tee Dee has been in the game for the longest time but his star power remains stronger than ever. Formerly known as Dogg, he has been killing it in the music scene and his fan base has grown stronger.

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Fans have been showering the singer with praises as they remain in awe at how can a person with decades of success still be relevant. Especially when he has not released an album in years.

King Tee Dee posted a picture of him next to a car and fans sang his praises.

"If you understand anything about customer demographics you will not be surprised that Dogg and Gazza are receiving all the endorsements. These guys live in the hearts of 25 to 45 years olds, and it is those guys who spend money," said @laaaities.

@AllyDesires24 hailed the King, "The king deserves everything."

"Mans ain’t released an album in years but still a force to reckon with, that’s some Kingly shit for real," praised @Modern_Villager.

"20 years later still at the top of the game," praised @djdreas_na

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Last month, King Tee Dee visited the mother land, Cape Town and proved just how relevant he still is. "We move and you still in bed...Hustling is my middle name," he captioned his many videos.

As an entertainer who has decades of experience, he sometimes gives his followers some advice that they could use to better themselves.

One of King Tee Dee's many pieces of advice read: "Don't forget where u going please and coming from. Opportunities come ones in a life time," he said.

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But that does not mean he does not get disrespected but King Tee Dee does receive a lot of hate from trolls as well. 

In one of his many pieces of advice, he got trolled for saying, "Build your foundation with the stones thrown at you. Make sure that they can't ignore you when you come by or pass by. Let your name be talked about in a good positive way," he said.

"While they are busy drinking and looking for women you are busy working and connecting yourself. Life is too short to be wasting time especially if you have no degree like me. I refuse! Learn to say no to bad vibes," he added.

A troll then decided to reign on his parade by telling him to not always announce his wins, "Lol A motivational speaker will tell you “look I started my business with a gravel road now look every car passing your way is my car”.  Exactly what you are trying to tell us. Just relax. You can still do better without announcing it."

He is not new in this business of getting some hate from people. King Tee Dee once told haters where to get off, "Only God can judge me. Love me or leave me alone," he advised.

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