A Look Into The Life Of The Richest Musician In Namibia

He has the million dollar voice

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Having money is good, but do you know what’s even better? Having lots of it. Wealth is the entryway to good things in life like fame, important connections, and if you even play your cards right, it may help you land on the girl of your dreams.

In as much as society has been telling us that money can’t buy happiness, we beg to disagree, and at least, the richest musician in Namibia can prove our point. Let’s take a look at his amazing life and how he rose to become who he is today.

Hint: We are talking about King Tee Dee.

Early Life.

King Tee Dee was born on 31st March 1983 when his mother was in exile in Zambia. He is the last born in a family of four and his real name is Martin Morocky.
When he was six years old, they returned to Namibia and they lived in a village in East Ondangwa called Onayena. 

Shortly after their return, his mother left for Windhoek for work shortly, leaving him in the care of his uncle and his wife.


King Tee Dee started his education at Onayena Primary School, then Augustineum Secondary School in Khomasdal, where he performed exceptionally well.

He then enrolled for a Science degree at the University of Namibia but left after one year to pursue music.


From a young age, King Tee Dee had a passion for music. He performed at school concerts and was even part of a singing group called Amasilkies.

However, he only took his passion seriously in 2003 after quitting University. His first single ‘Jesus Otati’ was a hit, and it instantly made him famous and earned him Artist of the Year Award and Best Kwaito song of the year at the Sanlam-NBS Awards in 2003.

He would go on to win Artist of the year three times in a row from 2003 to 2005 at the Sanlam Awards. 

At the onset of his career, King Tee Dee, who went by the alias ‘The Dogg’ at the time, collaborated with Gazza on a number of projects. However, their working relationship went south and they have since gone their separate ways.

His music has earned him numerous awards and nominations including the Channel O Music Video Awards and AFRIMMA Awards, making him the most awarded musician in Namibia.

It has also enabled him to collaborate with other top artists in Africa including Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz and South Africa’s Tate Buti. 

As the highest-selling artist and undoubtedly the richest artist in Namibia, it also goes without saying that his talent in music has paid him well.


Besides being a musical genius, King Tee Dee has a sharp mind for business too.

He is the owner of one of Namibia’s top fashion brands- Mshasho Clothing brand, which deals in clothes and accessories.
He also owns Mshasho Productions- a top music label that has shaped the careers of several big names in the industry including Hikwa legend- Sunny Boy and Chipolopolo. All his albums except his first one were produced by Mshasho Productions.

He also launched an insurance company called Mshasho Insurance.


Given his status as a top artist in Namibia, King Tee Dee is one of the most sought-after celebs by brands.

He is currently the brand ambassador for one of the biggest car brands- Range Rover, and Standard Bank.

He is also the health ambassador for the Smart Cut Campaign- a government-sponsored campaign that advocates for male circumcision.

Net Worth

All the proceeds from his music, businesses, and endorsements bring King Tee Dee’s total net worth to somewhere in between $1-5 million dollars, making him the richest musician in Namibia.

Personal Life

The richest musician in Namibia also has one of the most beautiful families as well.

King Tee Dee married his better half, Nomvula Napolombo six years although they have been together for over a decade. Together they have three beautiful girls- Magano, Unathi, and Luana.

Current Projects

King Tee Dee has not produced any new song in a while now and this has not gone unnoticed, especially by his fans.

If you’ve been wondering where King Tee Dee is then we might have a clue for you. The artist has been working hard on his business. In a past interview, he revealed that he had taken a break from music to focus on starting his insurance company. 

Will he be back with another hit soon? We don’t know for sure, but when he does, we will be the first ones to let you know.

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