A Look Into King Tee Dee's House

Fit for the king

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King Tee Dee, King Tee Dee

Regarded as the King of Namibia’s music, King Tee Dee who launched his music career in the early 2000s has in his twenty years of fame proven himself through the many awards he has won, collaborations with both local and international artists, and the massive airplay he has received on the radio.

And although King Tee Dee is one of the best musicians we have in Namibia, there is more to him than music. He is also a smart businessman who owns a chain of businesses in the music production industry, the fashion industry, and even the insurance business.

All these hustles have created immense wealth for King Tee Dee who currently holds the title of the richest musician in Namibia. And with his wealth, King Tee Dee is able to provide a beautiful home for his family and drive sleek machines.

Here is a look at King Tee Dee’s house that will leave you impressed. It truly is a palace fit for a king.

Where is King Tee Dee’s house located?

King Tee Dee, source: Facebook

It is unclear where King Tee Dee’s house is located since the artist has not shared this information with the public.

There is reason to believe that the house is located in one of the upscale suburbs going by the pictures of its environs.

King Tee Dee’s house features and pictures

King Tee Dee's wife, Nomvula. Source: Instagram

Like most Namibian stars, King Tee Dee prefers to keep his personal life very private and he has barely shared any photos of his house.

From the few photos shared by King Tee Dee and his wife, you can see that the exterior walls of King Tee Dee’s house are painted in cool shades of grey and white and the compound is fully covered in lawn tiles and carpet grass. 

There are a few potted flowers in the compound and several outdoor benches for King Tee Dee and his family to enjoy the outdoors.

It appears that the interior of their house is even more beautiful than the exterior of King Tee Dee's house. The house has cream tiles with patterns and white walls. 

King Tee Dee and Nomvula, source: Instagram

King Tee Dee’s living room is fully furnished with beautiful white leather couches and luxurious cream curtains. There are a few house plants, and pictures on the walls that give the house a taste of class.

Nomvula Napolombo, source: Instagram

There is a garage for all the couple’s cars and enough space for the children and family dog to play.

How much was King Tee Dee’s house?

Much like the other details about King Tee Dee’s house, the price of his homely mansion has also not been disclosed.

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the house costs millions of dollars given the amount of money that King Dee has accumulated over the years.

King Tee Dee’s cars

Besides living in a beautiful home, King Tee Dee also drives some of the best cars in Namibia that are fit for his status.

Some of the cars that King Tee Dee owns include a Mercedes Benz GT, an Audi A3, a Range Rover, a Volkswagen Passat, and a white Porsche.

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