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King Tee- Dee Remains Unstoppable

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King Tee-Dee's newly released music video 'You' is currently trending and has just hit 50 000 views in less than four days.

It is not everyday that a musician puts out a video and gains 50 000 views in three days but for King Tee-Dee,  It is certainly true that, 'whatever the King touches' brings magic.

King Tee-Dee's new music video of his single titled 'You' was shot at an open chilling area, where people are sitting around tables having a great time and brings out the typical 'You are all i see' theme and he nailed the concept.

He walks towards the table where the 'lady of the moment' was sitting and reaches out for her hand asking for a dance while licking his lips, showing excitement.

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He further gives us goosebumps when he does the leg walk dance, he surely took some choreography lessons on this one.

You know someone is about to bring you something saucy when they show you their 'leg walk dance' and King Tee-Dee does just that.

In this song, he talks about wanting to make 'her'  happy everyday and love her until the end.

He transition perfectly between singing and rapping, yeah just like that thing Drake does.

The set up immediately reminds us 'why he is king, beautiful umbrellas and colorful fabric decorated around the venue which tells us a love story that can make anyone fall in-love over again.

His Mshasho wear tops off everything blending in with the theme used for the video.

Surely, not even 'the Diamond drama' can put this man down.

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Photo Credit: King Tee-Dee

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