5 Times King Tee Dee Secured The Bag

He stays winning!

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After teasing fans on social media with an upcoming music festival, multi-award-winning musician King Tee Dee has shared that he has collaborated with Standard Bank Namibia to launch a new music festival. The cat is finally out of the bag last night after fans have been waiting with bated breath to get deets on this festival.

The festival has been in the pipeline for a while with King Tee Dee not saying much about it but yesterday the masses finally learned more about this new baby. It is titled SB 09Music Festival and it is set to take place on the 25th of September 2021.
King Tee Dee is an absolute force to be reckoned with in the industry and he wears many hats, as he dabbles in music, business, and producing. His hard work has afforded him many luxurious in life and he continues to set the bar high in whatever he does. King Tee Dee posed in front of the car and captioned his post "You live and you learn." The picture left many curious on whether he has decided to bless himself with a new set of wheels for his hard work. 

His legion of fans took to the comments section to compliment the ride and KP Illest asked him if he purchased and he replied by saying "That's their problem".
King Tee Dee has revealed what he is considering for his business and growth. The talented musician who is the owner of Mshasho Apparel a clothing brand, which was recently unveiled by Brand Africa as the most admired brand in Namibia said, he is considering selling 19 percent of shares in Mshasho Apparel.

We do not know if this is a great move for his business, or it is due to the current tough economic changes, but King Tee Dee also revealed that his dream is to create more job opportunities in the country.
King Tee-Dee's released his music video 'You' in May 2020, and was instantly trending as it hit 50 000 views in less than four days. It is not every day that a musician puts out a video and gains 50 000 views in three days but for King Tee-Dee, it is certainly true that, 'whatever the King touches' brings magic.

King Tee-Dee's new music video of his single titled 'You' was shot at an open chilling area, where people are sitting around tables having a great time and brings out the typical 'You are all i see' theme and he nailed the concept.
 He walks towards the table where the 'lady of the moment' was sitting and reaches out for her hand asking for a dance while licking his lips, showing excitement.
In April 2020, Brand Africa, unveiled his brand Mshasho, as the most admired brand in Namibia. King Tee Dee took to Twitter to reveal the exciting news and said, he took a break of 4 years to focus on his brand which he has now taken to the world.
Mshasho has different collections under its wing. This includes caps, hoodies, jackets, and face masks.
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