Kapa Kamandela Sells Out New Album

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By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Kapa Kamandela  | Top of The

Afro-beat artist better known as Kapa Kamandela  has dropped his first solo album titled Kukuta.

Speaking to Nalebrity this morning, Kamandela expressed enthusiasm to have dropped Kukuta after going solo three years ago.

"This album means a lot to me because its simply my first solo project. I have released two other albums in the past, yes, but when i was part of a group named 'Young Kasie'," he said.

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With slickness perfected by years and practice, Kamandela completed his 14 track album in just less than a year.

"I actually took my time to work on this project because I wanted to make sure its a good one. I would say so far, so good. The response has been crazy," Kamandela explained.

The album is said to be selling like hot cakes, selling out all 300 copies in less than a week.

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"I printed 300 copies but I have ordered 100 more because the sales are really going well. I appreciate the support," he said.

On the Kukuta album, Kamandela has featured artists such as the TKB"s, Dama Monique, Kung Mex, Jou Lee and many others.

This masterpiece was produced by producers such as Mr Glo, King Mex and Chronics.

Apart from the album, Kamandela plans to start shooting more music videos to promote the newly launched album.

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Photo Credit: Kapa Kamandela