Kabza's Sexuality Questioned

He shared a very raunchy video

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Kabza De Small has had many questioning his sexuality following a raunchy video shared on his Twitter account. Kabelo Motha, who is known for being an Amapiano pioneer has started a dance trend which sees one person holding a bottle next to their crocth, then the other caresses it sexually. 

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Coming to his defense, were his legions of fans who know his sense of humour very well. Whereas others want him cancelled. Homophobic much, right?
The joke flew over many people's heads, so Kabza quickly shared another video of women doing the exact same dance. Defending him was influencer and YouTuber Lasizwe who wrote, "Kabza is doing the lords work! These dance moves must be normalize amongst men angithi nithi" No Homo" after soooo... there is nothing wrong hawu."

Here are some of the comments: "Something about the way you guys are reacting to Kabza’s video is exposing you guys."

Mr Jazzi Q, popular Amapiano DJ, also did the exact same dance, "First it was Kabza, now it's Mr JazziQ. I guess this is officially our new amapiano dance here in Mzansi."

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